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Blueface and Chrisean Rock Are Cousins, His Mother Karlissa Says

Are Blueface and Chrisean Rock cousins?

Chrisean Blueface
Chrisean Rock and Blueface

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are reportedly cousins, says a claim by his mother, Karlissa Saffold.

It’s no secret that Saffold is not a Chrisean Rock fan, and Rock ensured that she was not at the delivery of her child on Sunday despite her offering to be there. It seems that Karlissa has found another way to be messy, as she claims that Chrisean Rock’s mother is her cousin.

“I don’t know what’s going on. Come to find out, Chrisean’s mom is a Dorsey. She a Dorsey. They related to me! Them my people. Girl, if them Dorseys! Dorseys, come on you know all the Dorseys are related, and they all act like that, they all strong and act like that. Johnathon had a baby with his cousin. He did,” she said on Instagram Stories.

Karlissa also claims that the reason the child’s DNA came back positive for Blueface as the father is because he and Chrisean share the same genetic makeup. “I bet you we need to test the baby, the baby is probably, that’s why he has our DNA,” she added.

One of Karlissa’s friends was not for her latest shenanigan as the woman off-camera exclaimed, “Girl, Shut the f**k up.” She later took to Instagram to share texts from another woman who seems to have known about the kinship between Chrisean and Blueface.

“Wait u jus now finding that out? U and her mom never talked this whole time? Like even when she first found out she was pregnant did u and her mom talk at all or just now talking,” the woman asked. Saffold responds, “No, why ain’t tell me. Y’all tell me everything else.”

“Nah you right, sh*t we thought u already knew,” the woman responds while Karlissa says, “No ma’am.”

Chrisean Rock is from Baltimore, and not much is known about her family, while Karlissa and her tribe are originally from Santa Clarita, California.

It’s unclear if the claims have any credibility, but fans online felt she was being messy once again to get at Rock.

“Chile bye! Y’all families just so happened to be from the same plantation way back in the day. She’s reaching everywhere for attention like those car lot inflatable things,” one person commented. “She doing anything to push that weak a$$ show we not watching,” another added.

Chrisean Rock made it clear on her IG Live that she deliberately didn’t invite Blueface nor his mother to the hospital while giving birth because she didn’t want their energy around her and her baby.