Did Alkaline Send Invitation To Masicka For War?

"If yuh nuh rate me, war me!"

Alkaline Masicka
Alkaline | Masicka

Did Alkaline just issue an invitation for war with Masicka or any other dancehall artists who don’t ‘rate him’?

The promise of lyrical warfare and musical clashes is always an exciting part of the dancehall music arena. The potential for the palpable tension between artists to erupt incessantly looms like a dark cloud waiting to burst into rainfall. Alkaline is one artist who has taken it to the ring several times in his illustrious career. Now fans are speculating that the “Champion Boy” has thrown down the gauntlet once again – this time for Crocs leader, Masicka.

For years fans have been eagerly anticipating the longstanding rift between Alkaline and Masicka to come to a head. While Alkaline has never backed down from a fight, Masicka has never appeared to be a target of his. It did seem for a while that Masicka was asking for it, but Alkaline never gave it any attention. Interestingly enough, now that the Genahsyde boss has been elevating in his career and was recently signed to a record label, fans believe Alkaline is more inclined to entertain that clash.

On social media, the conversation has become a hot topic of sorts as vendetta fans and crocs draw enemy lines and advocate for their leaders with facts and fiction. Dancehall fans have broached the subject once again after Alkaline allegedly dropped a subliminal for the crocs don on stage during his performance on Aidonia’s Frsh Drop Tour in Baltimore, Maryland. Alkaline left an open invitation for anyone ready for a lyrical war with the dancehall titan.

“If yuh nuh rate me, war me!” Alka said, adding that he is not a fan of all the talking.

In one particular video that has gone viral online, the user spliced in a clip from an old Masicka interview in which the deejay boldly claims that he does not “rate Alkaline.” This drama-inciting edit has framed Alkaline’s decree as a direct message for Masicka. In the comment section, fans of both parties have initiated what reads like the preface to the actual war.

A popular opinion in the discourse is that Alkaline has fallen off and is looking for something or possibly someone to help him back up. One Vendetta fan came to the deejay’s defense in the comments, writing, “Ppl talking about alka career going downhill…di man nuh need fi prove nth more..di mn mek him name an mek history, him can even stop do music and still is classified as one of the best.”

Vendetta fans have pulled out Alkaline’s rap sheet, and the dancehall star has a proven track record for committing lyrical crimes against some of dancehall’s most popular factions. His biggest adversary so far was none other than the dancehall guru himself, Vybz Kartel, to whom Alkaline surprised fans by being a formidable opponent. Others mentioned Alkaline’s constant album success from sales and streams to the history-making New Level [he] Unlocked in 2016 when his debut album went No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart.

Meanwhile, there were mixed opinions on who would actually take home the trophy at the end of the clash. “Alkaline is a great artist but fi think him can go against Masicka is wild,” one fan wrote. “Nah lie masicka a me artist but alkaline has single handed defeated a majority of dancehall top artist,” another chimed.

Other commenters reminded the Detta camp that they have been ready for the war, but Alkaline was never giving it any energy before. “Look how long him did a war yuh and u nayy a pay him mind, a wen man sign to big label u wa dem war yuh? Kmt bye.”

While it remains to be seen if Alkaline was really calling out Masicka or if it was an open invitation for anyone who cares to join the fight, fans are convinced that the long-awaited clash may finally come to fruition in the near future. Who do you think would win in a lyrical war between Alkaline and Masicka?