Sean Paul, Cham, Cedella Marley Salutes Reggae Girlz For World Cup Glory

Jamaica's Reggae Girlz celebrates their historic run at the 2023 Women's World Cup after advancing to the Round of 16 on Wednesday

Reggae Girlz

Jamaicans at yard and abroad are in a celebratory mood following the Reggae Girlz. Members of the entertainment space, including Masicka, Sean Paul, Baby Cham, and Cedella Marley are paying homage to the Reggae Girlz. Jamaica’s female football team beat one of the strongest teams and is now heading to the World Cup qualifier matches.

It’s the first time Jamaica’s team is heading to the Women’s World Cup knockout stage after a 0-0 draw in Melbourne on Wednesday morning. While the Brazilians are busy consoling themselves, Jamaicans are ecstatic as the advancing of the Reggae Girlz marks a historic milestone for the team.

The draw sees Jamaica being ranked 43rd in the world and, for the first, pitching its first-ever World Cup clean sheet.

Among those who celebrated the footballers was Masicka, who sent a motivational message to the team.

“Big up unnu self every time especially for qualifying for the World Cup back to back you know what I mean. Cedella [Marley] big up yourself, one love,” he said as he also sent out a special shoutout to Cedella Marley, the daughter of Bob Marley.

“Blessing affi flow like a river, weh the Reggae Girlz do? Lef dem name inna earth like a queen,” the artiste said while wearing a Reggae Boyz shirt.

Cedella is heavily credited for supporting the Reggae Girlz’s journey to the World Cup. The team became the first and only Caribbean football team to have qualified for a Women’s World Cup match in 2019.

Cedella’s son and artiste, Skip Marley, was the one who shared with her the needs of the team as they sought funding to keep the team viable. The team showed major promise but had to cancel several international engagements due to no funding.

In 2008, Cedella stepped in and added the funding for the Reggae Girlz to her list of campaigns that supported women’s rights in the country.

“My son Skip came home with a flyer that was appealing for help to support the Reggae Girlz. I made a few calls to see what was happening and when they told me the team was about to be dissolved as they had no financial support to be able to play. It wasn’t because they weren’t good, it’s that they didn’t have funds. For the boys, yes, but not for the girls,” she said, adding that she sprang into action and the rest is history.

Cedella Marley has since reacted to the Reggae Girlz knocking out Brazil to advance to the Round of 16.

“History made the reggae girlz advance to the round 16 for the first time ever,” Cedella wrote. “So proud. 3 games played. Not a single goal conceded [fire emoji] Reggae Girlz to the world #FIFAWomensWorldCup. To @martavsilva10 and the entire Brazilian team…. We love you. Family forever.”

Dancehall legend Sean Paul also salutes the Reggae Girlz following their historic run at the Women’s World Cup. “We made it to the next round the last 16,” SP said. “Big up the Reggae Girlz everytime you make we proud, salute.”

Baby Cham also salutes the Reggae Girlz via Instagram writing, “Our Girls Defended Like Lions And Cried Tears Of Joy!! Hug Up Dat Brazil… This Is Jamaica Emancipation And Independence Gift Inna One!! We Love You Ladies.”