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Travis Scott’s Attorney Raises Concerns About Timing of Astroworld Report

Travis Scott's lawyer bemoans the timing of the release of Astroworld report suggeting it was done to hurt sales of new album "Utopia"

Travis Scott
Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s attorneys are not pleased that the report on the Astroworld tragedy was released while the artiste is celebrating the release of his album Utopia.

The Houston Police Department released its findings from an investigation of the Astroworld incident that occurred in November 2021, last week, just as Scott dropped his first album in five years.

The Astroworld incident has overshadowed Scott’s career over the last two years, and he has made few public appearances since the incident. Just as he was picking up the pieces, the Houston PD’s report, which contained damning findings, was released.

The rapper’s lawyer released a statement blasting the timing by Houston PD.

“The timing of the Houston Police Department report’s release, coinciding with the launch of Travis Scott’s highly anticipated album, is anything but coincidental…Travis Scott and his team were, as anticipated, fully cleared of any wrongdoing associated with the Astroworld tragedy by a grand jury based on the very report released today,” Kent Schaffer was quoted by TMZ.

The attorney added that Houston PD had nefarious reasons for releasing the report about the unfortunate incident, which also reflected on the police’s own failure to respond to the tragedy.

“It is outrageous that HPD has chosen to resort to tactics that attempt to discredit Travis and his team, casting doubt on how the unfortunate events at Astroworld actually transpired while deflecting blame from their own critical failures.”

In the meantime, Schaffer reiterated that his client had acted prudently and even stopped his show several times after noticing the distress of patrons in the crowd.

“Houston police officers present at the event did not intervene during the unfolding situation. They were observed throughout the show standing by idly, buying merch and even filming the concert in its entirety,” he said.

Scott has much to look forward to as a Texas Grand Jury did not find him criminally culpable in the deaths of 10 people and hundreds injured during the Astroworld incident.

As for his album, the rapper is set to sell 500K in its first week since being released.