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YNW Bortlen Sent Out Mysterious Tweet After YNW Melly’s Mistrial

YNW Melly's associate YNW Bortlen offers him support on the conclusion of his trial

YNW Melly YNW Bortlen
YNW Melly, YNW Bortlen / Law&Crime YouTube

YNW Bortlen has seemingly reacted to YNW Melly’s mistrial on Saturday after the jury unable to reach unanimous verdict. In his tweet on Saturday, the co-defendant wrote, “Mind games dont work on people like me” while adding a handshake emoji.

YNW Bortlen also offered moral support for his best friend and co-defendant, YNW Melly, as the jury begins their deliberations to decide whether the rapper is guilty or not guilty. The jury began deliberations on Thursday, and no doubt, the family of the victims and Melly, along with his family, wait with bated breath on the outcome of the verdict that will ultimately seal the fate of the “Murder On My Mind” rapper.

Melly’s family has not reacted publicly to the trial progress thus far, but it seems that his best friend has been keeping abreast of the developments. On Friday, the jury revealed that it was at a “deadlock” in deciding the outcome of the verdict as jurors have stuck to their positions without intention to change or budge.

YNW Bortlen tweet

Not long after Judge John Murphy III called back the jury to give them an Allen Charge or further jury directions on proceeding where there is a deadlock, Bortlen posted on social media moral support for his friend.

“Say a Prayer for Melly,” an Instagram Story from the account for YNW Bortlen read.

Bortlen is presently locked up and has not appeared in court as prosecutors contend that he participated in the murders of his friends YNW Juvy and Sakchaser by aiding and abetting Melly before and after the murders.

Melly is on trial for first-degree murder charges in the killing of Christopher Thomas, called YNW Juvy, and Antony Williams, called YNW Sakchaser. According to prosecutor Kristine Bradley, Bortlen was the driver of the car which took the victims to a dead end in the Everglades, where they were brutally slain- shot at close range from within the car by Melly.

Further, to help his friend out, Bortlen drove the victims to a nearby hospital where he claimed that they were shot and killed from a drive-by shooting which co-incidentally did not harm him.

Prosecutors are convinced that Melly spoke about Bortlen being there for him after he and his manager argued just a week after the murders in which he said he didn’t want to leave Bortlen behind because he did one of the “realest sh*t” for him.

In the meantime, a trial date for Bortlen has not been revealed.