RDX’s Delomar Fires Back At Renigad Denies Claims He Broke Bro Code

RDX former member Delomar has responded to Renigad claims that he brought news to his girlfriend resulting in their relationship ending

RDX members Delomar and Renigad

Dancehall artiste Delomar, who is one half of the dancehall group, RDX, has hit back at his co-creator Renigad as he insults him for not having children and reveals details of his personal life.

Days ago on The Fix Podcast, Renigad seemingly responded to Delomar’s comments made on the Let’s Be Honest podcast back in June about the reason behind the RDX split being that he was carrying all of the weight. According to Renigad, he and Delomar’s issues go way back, with the latter being an awful friend and carrying news to his then-live-in girlfriend, which exposed him as a liar and cheater and may have caused the woman to break up with him.

Delomar has now gone to the same podcast as Renigad and did not hold back as he bashed his former friend as suffering from trauma because he hasn’t fathered a child yet.

“I did not carry news to his woman,” Delomar said in the interview. “That’s why me say leak the voice note please mi a beg yo. Leak the voice note wah yo say yo have, because me and you know say a my success really and truly a beat yo.”

“Leak the voice note please, mi a beg yuh… Ms. Trey let me apologize for your ex man cause him disrespect you wicked wicked. One of the biggest problems she did have is that she wanted to get pregnant and da yute ya like him can’t breed a soul,” Renigad said on the podcast.

“Why you never talk about that bredda, that was the problem, you know say that was the problem so how you come a talk bout RDX bout me carry news on you. Bredda, da energy weh you have, throw that in some sugar and water and drink it and see if it can go inna yuh balls and breed somebody… yuh a 40 plus-year-old bredrin, mi can understand the trauma yuh have right now of not having a yute,” Delomar said.

Delomar took it personally that Renigad claimed that he was disloyal as a friend, which caused a fracture in the RDX relationship.

“Me and this man supposed to be friends and we deh inna the street. All up and down and we do whole heap a things inna di street and that man go and tell my woman wha mi ah gwan wid a road,” Renigad said.

Renigad also addressed Delomar’s claims that he was the reason behind RDX’s success.

“This bredda tell himself that he is RDX by himself and him never write a line in an RDX song…when a man a say him feel him a RDX and him a hold up RDX, how yuh fi hold up RDX and RDX have more numbers than you yute? How yuh fi hold up RDX when you have a music video weh you take yuh money and ah it have 500 views and RDX videos have 50 million views…yuh actually living off of RDX,” Renigad said.

Delomar, however, said that he was done with the back-and-forth after his latest interview.