RDX’s Renigad Slams Delomar For Breaking Bro Code With His Girlfriend

Renigad is shedding light on the RDX split and why he and Delomar are no longer friends

RDX members Delomar and Renigad

Renigad added his voice to the reason that the Dancehall group, RDX, broke up and claimed that Delomar was not truthful about the real reason.

In a new interview on The Fix, Renigad goes into several reasons that he and Delomar are at odds, including claims that Delomar is a chatty patty and carried news to his bonafide girl about his tour behavior. A little over a week, Delomar was on the Let’s Be Honest podcast, where he said that he was willing to bring the group back once he received an apology from Renigad. He also shaded Renigad that he could not perform any of the songs by himself.

Delomar also claimed that the group broke up because Renigad wanted to do “chopping” songs.

“You can’t go pon public and go disrespect me and we a friends for so much years. It’s not even about music, it’s about friendship,” Delomar said, adding that Renigad was “tearing” him down to “rise fi himself.”

Renigad is, however, responding to Delomar’s interview and claimed that it was Delomar who first disrespected their relationship after he carried his personal business to his then-live-in girlfriend.

“Me and this man supposed to be friends and we deh inna the street. All up and down and we do whole heap a things inna di street and that man go and tell my woman wha mi ah gwan wid a road,” Renigad said.


Renigad said that Delomar’s actions caused disruptions to his family life with his girlfriend, and they later broke up. Gad did not go further but seemed to admit that he cheated on his girlfriend. He has not said if he takes accountability for his actions but said it was his girlfriend who recorded Delomar secretly bashing him and showed him the type of friend he [Delomar] was.

Renigad also seemed upset by claims made by his former friend that he was responsible for the breakup of RDX. “It was all planned,” Renigad said.

“[The splitting of RDX] was planned as a publicity stunt and we hired a PR who was supposed to loud it up…phase one of the thing was to go down inna one party, one place where we know the whole of dancehall gather and stand up at two different tables, which we did,” he said.

The deejay added that they were to do some separate interviews in furtherance of the PR plot. However, after the interviews aired, Delomar reportedly deleted himself from the RDX group after his interview.

“Me never walk off. How could I walk off when his first single as a solo artist, me work pon it? That makes sense?” he asked.

He also shared that they were at loggerheads over what type of music to make and said Delomar wanted him to sing a song about having women ‘suck off’ his toes.

“Him want sing that but would that have been a song that would be fitting for RDX? Would that be a dancing song, a high-energy song? He wanted to do those songs where he could express himself vocally and I wanted to do songs that my songs [girl songs].”

Renigad did not hold back as he also addressed claims by Delomar that he was the one who made the duo successful.

“This bredda tell himself that he is RDX by himself and him never write a line in an RDX song, not a line, not a word, ever. Not even fi him parts dem, I do them. I lay down the tracks,” he said.

“RDX is 50/50. It’s not him, it’s not me, it’s both of us,” he said of the effort and added, “However when a man a say him feel him a RDX and him a hold up RDX, how yuh fi hold up RDX and RDX have more numbers than you yute? How yuh fi hold up RDX when you have a music video weh you take yuh money and ah it have 500 views and RDX videos have 50 million views…yuh actually living off of RDX,” he said.

Delomar has not responded yet to Renigad.