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50 Cent Salutes Eminem For Being Only Rapper To Outsell Him

50 Cent says only Eminem surpassed him during his impressive run in hip hop in the 2000s

50 Cent Eminem
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50 Cent is saluting Eminem for being the only rapper to outsell him.

On social media, 50 Cent definitely likes to keep things interesting. The Power producer often posts about his many TV shows, his music, and more. On Thursday (July 13), the famous rapper took to Instagram to share a post about the top-selling rap albums. According to the post, the only rapper to have outsold 50 Cent would be the Rap God himself, Eminem.

The highest-selling rap album in its opening week was The Eminem Show, and then The Marshall Mathers LP second. 50 Cent followed in third with The Massacre before Lil Wayne’s The Carter III, and then later down the line, 50 Cent appeared again with Get Rich or Die Tryin’ with Encore by Eminem following very closely behind.

In his post, 50 Cent acknowledged that Eminem managed to do what no other rapper has, and that’s to sell more albums than him. The second slide showed the top-selling rap albums of the early 2000s, and unsurprisingly, Eminem was first again with The Eminem Show (5.7B), followed by 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ with 3.7 billion equivalent album sales.

50 Cent gave Eminem his flowers in the caption of the post, where he also reminded other rappers of the chokehold he had on the game in the early 2000s. “The funny sh*t is only @eminem sold more then me. I made n***as so uncomfortable they don’t want to remember LOL,” Fifty wrote.

Eminem and 50 Cent have always had a great relationship as the latter credits the Detroit native for influencing his raving success. Eminem was quick to support 50 Cent in his early rap career, which, as Fifty often acknowledges, was instrumental in him becoming the man he is today. His respect for the chart-topping rapper is unlike that of any other artist or rapper in the industry.

In an Instagram post from January 2021, 50 Cent said he often tells Em he loves him for what the rapper did for him, and fans were in support of the rare, wholesome moment of appreciation.

“Hey you ain’t gonna believe this one, but 18 years ago today I dropped a song I recorded in LA and it’s still spinning 1,000 times a week at radio. I tell @eminem I love him for what he did for me, he put me on,” Fifty said.

It is typical of 50 Cent to shade everyone except Slim Shady, so it’s quite fitting that the opportunity to do so would present itself in the form of the rapper once again being second to no one but Eminem.