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Big Meech Criticizes 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ Amid Michael Rainey Jr. & Lil Meech Feud

Michael Rainey Meech
Michael Rainey Jr. / Starz | Lil Meech / IG

The Power universe seems to be experiencing some tensions as Lil Meech and Michael Rainey Jr. trade shots online, and Big Meech is holding the franchise accountable.

Lil Meech, who stars in the Starz-produced Black Mafia Family show, appears to be feuding with Power’s Michael Rainey Jr, who plays Tariq and Gianni Paolo, who plays Brayden Weston. The basis of the feud appears to center on the success of the shows each actor is featured on. Over the weekend, Lil Meech and Michael traded shots at each other after 50 Cent appeared to praise Michael.

It appears that the two actors have been feuding since last year, as hinted by 50 Cent, who may have unknowingly re-ignited the beef as Meech reposted 50 Cent’s praise with a tart reply.

“I’m working on being immortal @50cent these guys still mortal… Let’s go to lunch later I’ll give you some free game @michaelraineyjr.”

Michael Rainey Jr. did not take too kindly at the shady remark, and things quickly escalated as he not only responded by insulting Lil Meech, but his cast member Gianni Paolo also joined the fracas on social media.

Michael referred to Lil Meech as nothing more than a “beginner,” and he also called the BMF franchise “dead.”

Lil Meech also defended BMF, noting that the show was growing in popularity and would overtake the Power franchise. He also dug deep and gashed Michael about his acting career.

“U been acting since u was 12 years old… This is my 3rd year and it’s already looking scary for u,” he wrote.

Gianni, who had his own brush-up with Power actor Joseph Sikora who plays Tommy, also jumped in by bringing up Lil Meech’s recent airport gun arrest, but Lil Meech was quick to shut him down.

“Boy u sound like the police ft u need a new job…. They not paying u enough to tell,” Lil Meech responded.

Big Meech also appeared to be observing the back and forth and even offered his opinion about his favorite show, which is obviously the one based on his lifestyle in years past. He went on to discuss Michael Rainey’s character, Tariq, whom he said did not play any significant role in the show as his life surrounds him basically being a bum and barely scraping by to afford his attorney’s fees to keep him out of jail.

“He ain’t got a car, he ain’t got an apartment. He got nothing on the show,” Big Meech said over the phone. “He always in trouble on the show. Like, who the f*ck wanna go to college and be like him?” he questioned.

Big Meech, while agreeing he was a fan of power, felt that BMF was superior.

“It can’t be!” he said when his son told him the Power cast felt their show was better.

“We know it’s fiction but… this dude is a college dude hustlin’ in 2022-2023 and he ain’t got nothin’. He got the feds all over his ass all the time… all you got is a hard time to go,” he said.

50 Cent has not reacted to the latest drama.