Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, Christopher Martin Talks ‘Guaranteed’ Remix

Christopher Martin, Busy Signal, and Bounty Killer link up for the remix of "Guaranteed" watch the video

Bounty Killer Chris Martin Busy Signal
Bounty Killer, Christopher Martin, Busy Signal / YouTube

Three dancehall heavyweights Bounty Killer and Busy Signal have come together to release a remix to Christopher Martin’s “Guaranteed” as they express optimism that the song will be on rotation for the summer season.

The song was released in September last year, and the remix was released in April of this year. During an interview with the Jamaica Star, Chris Martin says that the song’s melody is on a high and is geared to “keep the party moving.”

Martin is on the hook while Busy Signal and Bounty Killer come in on the verses.

Busy Signal also speaks about the remix, which he says has become almost extinct as artists compete against each other, unlike times before when a good song would have other artists wanting to remix it.

“It’s just the vibe. The linkage, ah just one phone it tek and greatness happen. The music. The music, the love, the vibe, the original song is great as it is and then now we top it up…we remix it,” he said.

Bounty chimed in, “[remixing] is the formula that’s missing from dancehall. We Jamaicans we do not remix our songs cz sometimes when you have a great song you can make it greater. Our local artistes hardly remix songs, they don’t know about that culture, when you find the spot you work it, work the spot. This is a world smash, it’s bigger than this in the diaspora.”

The artists spoke about the release, which is produced by Big Yard.

“Robert is an extended godfather for all of the music and then Chris is one of my favorite artistes and Busy is Christopher’s musical brother,” Bounty said. The Poor People’s Governor went on to say that he liked the song when it was first released, and months later, he was receptive to Martin asking him to jump on the remix.

“It’s guaranteed, number 1,” he said. The artists break out singing, “When you par wid we, a good time is guaranteed.”

A video for the song is set for release soon.

Bounty Killer, Christopher Martin, and Busy Signal are legends in the dancehall space, with Martin making his entrance in the mid-2000s through Digicel Rising Stars. Busy Signal is a student of Bounty Killer who was a member of the Alliance.