NLE Choppa Defends Sexyy Red Following Attacks On Social Media

NLE Choppa responds to Sexyy Red haters: "I love her energy. I love her music personally."

NLE Choppa Sexyy Red
NLE Choppa, Sexyy Red

NLE Choppa is defending rapper Sexyy Red from all the incessant hate she gets on social media.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa made a public service announcement in defense of his collaborator Sexyy Red on Twitter. Taking to the social media platform on Tuesday (July 4), Choppa shared a video denouncing the cyberbullying that the “Pound Town” rapper is constantly facing online. In the minute-long clip, the rapper pleaded with fans to stop hating on Red and urged them to try to appreciate her music and style.

“I keep seein’ the hate that y’all havin’ on my girl Sexyy Red and I’m just a real supporter, a real fan,” NLE Choppa began. “I love her energy. I love her music personally. Y’all need to stop doin’ people like that, treatin’ people like that. Y’all ain’t gon’ always hear somethin’ that y’all accustomed to or used to. Y’all need people like Sexyy Red to create a balance from serious music and sh*t that have fun, man.”

The 20-year-old rapper went on to point out that Sexyy Red has a child, and she is making money and providing for that child thanks to her music career, which he says is what matters. He continued, “Y’all don’t know that girl, y’all ain’t met her, know what I’m sayin’? I’m just stickin’ up for her because I ain’t seen nobody else around this motherf**ker stickin’ up for her that’s been showin’ her all this love.”

NLE then questioned why their own community has to turn on its own people rather than embrace each other and try to understand and respect differences. According to the Memphis rapper, while men in the hip-hop industry also experience hate, he believes it mostly happens to women. “Y’all need to stop treating these women like this. Y’all do males like that too but it’s mainly the women.”

Sexyy Red joined forces with NLE Choppa for the remix version of “Slut Me Out” in April. Red first gained mainstream attention after the release of her single “Pound Town” at the top of the year. In May, Nicki Minaj hopped on the remix “Pound Town 2,” and the following month, the St. Louis rapper dropped off her sophomore mixtape Hood Hottest Princess with guest stars Sukihana, ATL Jacob, and Juicy J.

In response to all the hate she has been receiving on social media, Sexyy Red told VIBE at this year’s BET Awards that she is resilient and tries not to change who she is at her core based on people’s individual likes and dislikes. “I just be myself. I really don’t care what nobody think,” she said. “People, they try to bully people. You not never supposed to let nobody make you feel uncomfortable with being your true self, for real, no matter what you want to dress. Do what you do.”

Ice Spice brought Sexyy Red out during her recent performance at Governors Ball in New York. Red also joined NLE Choppa on stage recently at Birthday Bash ATL to perform their collaborative track.

Sexyy Red is widely known for her extremely raunchy music and unapologetically immodest appearance and behavior. While many find it unbecoming and turn to hate, it is clear that the “SkeeYee” rapper still has some amount of support if big collaborations, a huge following, and millions of views are any indication.