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Ye Ali and Nick Cannon Squash Beef Over Unreleased Chris Brown Song

Ye Ali says he got his money from Nick Cannon for an unreleased Chris Brown track

Ye Ali
Ye Ali

It seems that Ye Ali and Nick Cannon have come to an understanding after the former accused Cannon of allegedly stealing credit for a Chris Brown track he reportedly co-wrote.

On Thursday, Ye Ali claimed that Cannon used an unreleased song by Chris Brown in his movie, “She Ball,” without paying him. The song was created in 2021 and reportedly co-produced by Ye Ali and Frank Rose, but Cannon allegedly used it without getting clearance from him or Chris Brown.

Tweets from Ye Ali from 2021 showed him announcing the track with him, writing, “I got a song on this soundtrack for this nick cannon movie too [champagne glass emoji]… it was supposed to be for CB album but they ended up using it for movie lol I’m not finna complain though,” he added.

Despite the tweets, it’s unclear how Cannon got his hands on the song, with Ye later telling a follower that a “thirsty a$$ engineer” sent the track to him. “RCA said they never gave him clearance,” he replied to a fan asking questions.

The producer also said that Cannon’s lawyers have not responded to him, which doesn’t matter as he is now raising it publicly. “It’s not even about the money it’s the principle, this n***ga used a song that Chris didn’t clear and neither did I. He messed up a play for me cuz that song was going on Cb album,” he tweeted.

In later tweets, the producer later shared that he was now raising the issue because seeing Nick Cannon’s tweet triggered him.

“Something about u using my unreleased Chris Brown song in that “she ball” movie without paying me,” he tweeted in response to Cannon’s original tweet saying, “Something about a fresh haircut that makes you feel like you can impregnate the whole world.”

Nick did not publicly respond, but it seems that there was an outcome to his problem as he shouted out the artist and his company on Friday morning.

“Shoutout to my good people at Ncredible & Nick cannon [pleased face emoji] we good money now,” he tweeted.