Gully Bop Accuses Skeng Of Stealing His ‘Style’

Gully Bop says dancehall top flight deejay Skeng stole his style and music

Skeng, Gully Bop
Skeng, Gully Bop

Dancehall viral sensation turned artist Gully Bop says that the younger artists all sound alike, and he specifically called out Skeng for allegedly stealing his “style” of music.

Gully Bop went viral in 2014, and he was linked to dancehall artist Shauna Controlla formerly Shauna Chin, and he went on to release the hit track “Wuk Affa Mi,” which launched his short dancehall career. The artist appeared on the show Tea Time with Shelly-Ann Curran, where he gave an update about his health and talked about music, including the music from younger artists like Skeng.

During the interview, Gully Bop revealed that he had one of his kidneys removed, and a part of his intestines is also gone because of him suffering from a ruptured appendicitis.

The 60-year-old artist, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, has been out of the limelight in recent times, but he has been observing the music landscape and says he has regrets about some of the lyrics he has put out and he is also disappointed by the music being put out nowadays. He also singled out Skeng and Jashii, and other younger artists who he said all sound alike.

Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne Skeng
Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne & Skeng / @nickiminaj IG

“Everybody sounds the same way. Yuh can’t know Skeng different from Jashii…dem song mi a talk you know. Everybody sounds the same way from Kartel come wid da style deh, everybody pick it up. If the grains from Kartel coulda poison, every artist dead,” Gully Bop said.

The artist went on to say Skeng stole his style of music and performance. “Dem all a use my style and ah kill me wid style,” he says before adding, “the whole ah my style Skeng a use. Me nuh fraid ah nobody. A weh him go inna mi style and start sing all the songs- ‘watch how mi kill dem wid style'” he says.

When asked which song of his that Skeng stole, Gully Bop alleged that Skeng stole his style and added it to lyrics he also stole from other artists.

“No disrespect yute, Look nuh, this is not no violent thing, Skeng, but mi glad fi use how yah use mi style cause people tell say how him a use Gully Bop style. Ah nuh me say so, a people say so,” he said.

Gully Bop also says Skeng’s music sounds just like his, but he has no plans to sue the artist for copyright infringement.

“When one man fade away, ah so unnu a fade away too,” Gully Bop told the artist as he used Vybz Kartel and deceased artist, Merciless as examples of those who cannot face away.

Bop, who was accused of using drugs in the past, also called out the use of Molly, as referenced by Skeng. It seems that “Dunce Cheque” artist, Valiant did not escape criticism.

“Ah first thing me ever hear artist sing bout dem dunce and dem nah no head- head gone. Molly ah take off unu head and unu nuh know…be honest with me, drugs ah drugs,” the artist said.

Gully Bop also touched on his purported relationship with Shauna Controlla.

“When mi buss, this woman come amongst me, She thief, she thief, she thief, she thief all milk outta coffee,” Gully Bop said, adding that the woman stole the nails off of Jesus’ cross.

He did get a prompt from his manager that he should not talk about Shauna, which ended that line of questioning there.