Shenseea Burn Fake Friends In New Music From Her Lamborghini Urus

Shenseea fires warning at fake friends in previewing new music from her Lamborghini Urus.

Shenseea Lamborghini Urus

Shenseea is previewing new music ahead of her second album, due sometime this year.

Following the success of Shenseea’s prized freshman album, the international dancehall star has shot full speed ahead. The impact of her first project speaks for itself, but now that it’s all soaked in, fans want more. The ShenYeng boss has heard the calls for new bops, and she answered a couple of weeks ago with her track “Curious.” The song certainly is a different direction from previous releases, but it’s in keeping with her form, nonetheless.

Ahead of her sophomore effort, she is now giving fans a further taste of what’s to come. In a new video, she posted online, Shenseea is seen bopping to one of her unreleased tracks in her Lamborghini Urus. The song talks about people wanting to see her downfall, and we all know how “bad mind” is a longtime subject of dancehall literature.

“Dem sell out like mi shoes dem / New money bring a newer dem / Dem fake but a come roun me / Acting like they want the best for me / Straight truth I speak / But I don’t snitch, I can hold my beak / I’m so real mi nuh need ID / Some gal don’t got no loyalty,” Shenseea deejay while sitting in her Lamborghini Truck.


To say the unreleased track already has a vibe would be an understatement, and the snippet Shenseea teased definitely has TikTok potential. Shenseea’s fierce look during the brief sing-along reiterated the lyrics with a confident attitude as she donned her long green wig to match her Lime green Lambo truck interior.

The real question is, however, who is the singer taking shots at in the caption? She took to Instagram on Friday (April 28) to share a clip of her singing along to the unnamed track. “To whom this may concern…#SoldOut,” she wrote alongside the post.

While Shenseea could just be sending shots with the post, the preview of this new track might be indicative of something more. Could the Jamaican superstar have another collection ready to release to her fans? She announced in an interview with Brandon Gomez almost a year ago that she was already working on her second album.

“I’m working on my second album and knowing that I’ve given my first album Alpha to the culture—I had to give back to my culture. The second one is something completely different,” she said.

“You normally know me from doing Reggae and Dancehall, core Reggae and Dancehall, and now I’m trying to get the world to tun up to my tracks, so they can understand it even more. So, it’s like a whole different ball game that I’m going into right now that I’ve been looking forward to my whole life,” the singer added.

The music video for Shenseea’s latest single, “Curious,” which is still trending in Jamaica, was released on April 13 and has amassed over 3.5 million views since then.