Shenseea Hints Kanye West Will Be On Her New Album: “I absolutely love Kanye”

Shenseea drop some hints that she got new music coming with Kanye West on her sophomore album

Shenseea Kanye West
Shenseea, Kanye West

Shenseea hinted she got more new music in the works with Kanye West.

Shenseea has been teasing new music, and she has been tightlipped about what’s going on except for saying that she was not satisfied with how her label handled her debut album rollout, but fans can expect something different for her second album. The dancehall artist recently performed at Rolling Loud to a well-received crowd as she performed an energetic set list that had fans roaring with approval. She also did a mini-press run for Billboard, where she shared that she was working on new music and maybe gave a hint as to what that might sound like.

“I’m about to shoot my very first single from my second studio album real soon and I’m pretty excited about that. I think it’s gonna be amazing,” she said.

When pressed for the “sound” she is going to give fans, the Alpha artist offered, “pretty much dancehall that Americans can love and enjoy and understand,” she said.

“It would be amazing. I absolutely love Kanye from before I met him. I’m not going to say too much,” and adds, “we might have a little something in there…yes, yeah, yeah,” before saying she doesn’t want to spill the beans too soon.

Shenseea respond to Prince Harry liking her music

Meanwhile, the “Good Comfort” artist also reacted to reports that Prince Harry said he used her music to cope while going through the ongoing family drama with the royal family.

“Big up Prince Harry, thank you for being a ShenYeng,” she said.

It might not be true that Prince Harry said that since the fake post was shared as a joke, but Shenseea has definitely earned some good publicity from that. In the meantime, the artist recently mentioned to fans that she had not been able to release vinyl records for her debut album and that she was upset at her label for messing up her album rollout.

Shenseea and Romeich Major

Shenseea also appears to be heavily promoting her upcoming album, and her latest interview with Ebony seems to give a sneak peek. The artist is called the “Jamaican Dancehall Queen” by Ebony, a controversial term that seemed to have led to her and Spice falling out. Going back to her roots might also satisfy some of her fans who were not in favor of her taking the hip-hop route and not making the hardcore dancehall music she became known for.

In sharing some details about the direction of her sophomore album last year, Shenseea says it will be completely different from what fans would expect from her.

“I’m happy where I am right now because I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of recognition from international acts, producers, I’m working with,” the Jamaican beauty said. “I’m working on my second album and knowing that I’ve given my first album ‘Alpha’ to the culture, It’s my very first, I had to give back to my culture, the second one is completely different.”

ShenYeng, who is signed to Interscope Records, has been quietly working on her second album over the past year, but a title or release date is not yet available.