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Soulja Boy Ordered To Pay Ex-Girlfriend $235k For Assaulting & Kidnapping

Soulja Boy is on the hook for a $235k payment to his ex-girlfriend he was found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting her

Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy

A jury has sided with a domestic violence victim and ex-girlfriend of rapper Soulja Boy and has found him guilty of

assault and inflicting bodily injury on her.

According to court documents, Soulja Boy has been ordered to pay $235K in damages after his ex-girlfriend Kayla Meyers successfully sued him over the being. The trial was done with a jury, and a verdict was handed down on April 21 in favor of Meyers.

According to Radar, Soulja Boy has to pay Meyers $1,800 for mental health expenses and $234,100 for pain and suffering.

Meyers filed the lawsuit for damages for sexual battery against Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, and his assistant Tevin Anderson. The alleged attack reportedly took place at a party in February 2019, where she shared that she and Soulja were in an on-again, off-again relationship.

While at the party held at Soulja’s house in Malibu, there was an argument between her and one of the rapper’s assistants. On the stand, she testified that during the argument, she was violently knocked to the ground and kicked several times, resulting in three broken ribs. She also alleged that Soulja Boy held a gun to her beat and used it to beat her in the head. That was the beginning of a six-hour-long arduous event directed by Soulja Boy, she told the jury.

Soulja Boy accused of kidnapping and beating his ex-girlfriend

The rapper was accused of kidnapping and battery, and his assistant was accused of sexual battery. She told the jury that the rapper directed that she was tied with duct tape after the beating to remove any marks showing the injuries. She managed to escape after Soulja’s assistant told her he would free her if she performed oral sex on him.

She was released the next day around 8 a.m. while Soulja Boy threatened her with further harm, she said.
Soulja Boy was never charged for the incident, although she did call police officers who raided the home and found several weapons. The rapper was arrested for probation violation in relation to the guns.

Soulja Boy’s defense attorneys denied her allegations and claimed that Meyers was injured by a third party.

This is the second allegation of violence reported by a former partner of the rapper. Four years ago, Nia Riley, the daughter of hip-hop producer Teddy Riley revealed that the rapper had been abusive to her during their relationship.

Soulja Boy has never denied or confirmed the allegations.