Shenseea Praised Valiant Ahead Of New Collaboration

Shenseea: "Mi like say him naturally talented pon the mic like him nuh need no Auto-tune... That is talent."

Shenseea Valiant
Shenseea, Valiant

Valiant might not be signed to Romeich Entertainment, but he is certainly getting another endorsement from that camp, as Shenseea praised the artist for his music skills.

Valiant has been in the game for a little over six months, but his success is undeniable as he has become the hottest dancehall artist in Jamaica at the moment, and he is in high demand for bookings across the Caribbean and the United States.

With hits like “Dunce Cheque,” “St Mary,” and others, Valiant has carved out a niche for himself with his catchy lyrics on authentic dancehall beats. Among those who seem to enjoy his music is, Shenseea, who praised his personality.

“Valiant a good yute still. Mi like people with good energy, Valiant have that,” Shenseea says.

The artist was on Instagram Live on Wednesday and also shared that she had respect for the artist’s talent. “Mi like say him naturally talented pon the mic like him nuh need no Auto-tune or nothing him can go pon the mic and him still sound good. That is talent!” she added.

During her Instagram Live session with her fans, Shenseea and Valiant hinted that they have a collaboration coming. “Romeich did link you? Him nuh link you bout the one we a pree, man?” Shenseea asked Valiant.

Valiant also responded, noting that he didn’t want to share too much but that they were indeed cooking up something.

“Yeah man, we ago connect up… ah it me a talk man, me never want three talk out wi business,” Valiant says.

The artists also shared a funny moment with Valiant asking her to “buss two shots,” to which Shenseea mimics gunshot sounds with her mouth. More details on the collab have not been released, but both Valiant and Shenseea have been hard at work.

Shenseea recently announced her song “Curious” and her freestyle “Locked Up,” which ruffled a few feathers, while Valiant recently released “Time Heals” with Vybz Kartel. The incarcerated dancehall legend also praised Valiant as a natural talented artist, echoing some of what Shenseea said about the young artists.

“Valiant is naturally a talented kid, and he works very hard too he kinda reminds me of myself when I just came out,” Kartel told Urban Islandz in an interview. “It’s the attitude and the work ethic that’ll ultimately give him the glory I think he deserves. He is well on his way to becoming a bonafide dancehall superstar.”