Ricky Trooper Gets Emotional Thanking Bounty Killer & Fans After Daughter’s Death

Ricky Trooper gets emotional thanking his nemesis Bounty Killer and his fans for their overwhelming support following his daughter's death

Trooper Bounty
Ricky Trooper, Bounty Killer

Veteran dancehall Sound System Selector Ricky Trooper shared his gratitude to Bounty Killer and thousands of fans and friends who reached out to share their sympathies after his daughter Brianna McKoy was reportedly killed by the father of her two children.

In a live video, Trooper spoke about coping and dealing with the loss of his daughter as he questioned why something like that could happen to his family.

“People unuh need fi understand, it hot and we go through a trying time. Me used to hear them thing here happen to people and me woulda say ‘yow me wonder why them things there happen and wish say me wouldn’t find myself inna that position but such is life and dem say no question the almighty but sometimes you gotta wonder if God really deh still because sometimes when thing gwan…it rough but me a hol’ it,” he said.

The artist said he recently buried his father, with whom he is still grieving the loss, and now his daughter’s death makes things much harder for him to cope.

“Ah di music really and truly ah keep me going, ah it a hol’ mi sanity right now,” Trooper said.

Brianna was found dead in her condo in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Thursday night. There are reports that she was shot by her baby’s father after a dispute on Thursday night. Messages posted on her Instagram Stories revealed that she was locked out of her apartment by the man who told her he had given away her son to a stranger.

Trooper seemingly alluded to the abuse as he said his daughter had promised to leave the man.

“Baby innocent star. Cause yah talk to ah one and you say you nuh inna nothing wid dem and you done. And unnu a gwan like say like dem own you. Nobody nuh own yuh. Make me tell all who have daughter, me and me daughter dem close, all mi pickney dem close bro bro, and we reason and she make me know wah gwan…me never know a man woulda go so far,” the artist said.

Ricky Trooper added that he was a biblical man and preferred to see an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Bridgeport police are searching for the man. He also shouted out Bounty Killer for reaching out despite them being them being in a long-running feud.

“Even when your enemies show you respect, zeen, cause you and a man can be enemies but ah one of the greatest things in life when you ah go through certain things and your enemy shows you respect. Respect to Bounty Killer you reach out and say your condolences although you say you don’t like a bone in my body…mi uh have nothing against yuh.”

The Disc Jockey added that his and Bounty’s feud is only music and not personal to their lives.

Ricky Trooper added that he now understood how fellow artist Thriller U of the popular reggae group LUST felt when his 16-year-old daughter (and others) were killed by criminals in Miramar, Florida, in 2009. He pointed out that no parent should be burying their children because that is not the natural order of things.