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Reginae Carter Apologize To Rickey Smiley False Abuse Claims

Reginae Carter apologize to radio host Ricky Smiley

Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter is apologizing for blasting radio host Rickey Smiley who claimed days ago that she was being abused by her boyfriend, Armon.

Reginae, the daughter of Lil Wayne, was classy about the entire thing after previously threatening to file a defamation lawsuit against Smiley.

In a post on Saturday, she wrote, “I apologize for yesterday. I spoke on something I didn’t know much about. And that brought up age where it wasn’t even needed. I’m in a place where I don’t want unnecessary drama and I don’t want to offend anyone! Have a great Saturday.”

Reginae Carter blasted Smiley on Friday after he implied that a hand injury she recently suffered might have been caused by her boyfriend, Armon. She also denied the insinuation as she blasted Smiley for being old and messy.

“Not y’all still asking what happened to my hand,” Reginae said in a video reaction. “I was on set of my movie and I fell the wrong way, and that’s what happened and I sprained it.”

She continued, “one thing I don’t play about is abuse… My man don’t ever put his hands on me.”

Smiley also appeared to mock Reginae as he responded to her comment, “Oh wow…well yeah, set the record straight. If somebody is just sitting up there just making accusations of her boyfriend. That’s crazy.”

Reginae also expressed frustration at rumors being made up because of who she is. “Two young people in love, getting to their money, and minding their business ruffle too many old mfs feathers.” Armon also chimed in, writing, “Like this s**t is sick. @RickeySmiley Love The Show Brother. Can y’all not put a narrative on me that I hit or abuse my girlfriend.”

Reginae Carter’s mom, Toya Johnson, who is usually very defensive of her daughter, has not responded to the controversy.

Rickey Smiley shared a video of himself making it clear that he nor anyone on his radio show said anything bad about Reginae Carter. She also commented on the clip saying it’s all good. “It’s all love Rickey ! I’m sorry for the misunderstanding! God bless! Thanks for always looking out!” she wrote.