Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty Shares How They Met, Celebrates 45th Birthday

Nicki Minaj celebrates her husband's 45th birthday with a family dinner and a tribute message

Nicki Minaj Kenneth Petty
Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj shares a sweet message and a pic of herself and her husband, Kenneth Petty, wishing him a happy birthday. Since becoming a couple and getting married in 2019, Nicki has affectionately called Petty the Ken of her Barbie fandom. The photo of the couple also showcased their son, affectionately called Papa Bear, minding his own business at the bottom.

“HBD KEN LOVE BARBIE,” Nicki wrote in the caption of the pic as she cozied up next to her husband. The “WTF” rapper also shared a clip of them having a family dinner to celebrate his 45th birthday. “He wanna be LL so bad chi he said he met me at the bus stop s**kin on a lollipop he still telling this story. It’s been 84 years,” she wrote.

Initially, the Trinidadian rapper received a hard time from her fans after going public with her relationship with Petty because of his past legal troubles, which included serving prison sentences for rape and manslaughter, for which he pled guilty and served seven years behind bars. It appears her Barbz were a bit tight about her boo’s criminal past, but these days they’re a bit loosened up, so perhaps they’ve gotten over it. Despite the criticism, Nicki stood firm behind her Ken and even scolded her own fans about it.

Nevertheless, his past had come back to haunt both of them as Jennifer Hough, the alleged rape victim from when Petty was age 16, resurfaced with the allegation and has even filed a lawsuit against both Nicki Minaj and Kenneth for alleged harassment. The case is still ongoing before the courts.

On the musical front, Nicki Minaj is back in full force with a new song this weekend, a collab with NBA YoungBoy called “WTF.” The track is the follow-up to her recently released “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.” She also got upcoming music with Skeng as she readies her fifth studio album, due sometime this year. She also revealed she is planning a major world tour after the release of the project.

Check out the video Nicki Minaj shared below.