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Usher Uses Beyonce To Pull Off Epic April Fool’s Day Prank

Usher pulled off an epic April Fools’ Day prank on his fans using Beyonce


Usher had the best April Fool’s Day Prank, and he got his Dreamville Fest fans good after he told them that he had a special surprise guest, Beyoncé, who would join him.

Celebrities tried to pull off their best pranks for April 1, with DDG seemingly hinting that Halle Bailey might be expecting while Angela Simmons popped out with a full pregnant belly, insinuating that she and Yo Gotti were expecting a baby.

Fans are used to the pregnant jokes, and the reactions were definitely wary of the announcements coming on April 1 instead of any other day. Usher, however, came up with a unique prank that definitely got his fans. During his set at Dreamville, where he was a headliner, the “Burn” artist told excited fans that he had a surprise for them- that Beyoncé would join him onstage at some point.

“I don’t if you guys listened to some of the interviews I did before the show but I said I would have a special surprise for you tonight, you guys want to know that surprise is? Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, put your hands together for the one, the only, Beyoncé,” Usher announced as screaming fans went wild with excitement.

The artist played up the prank with fans not any wiser as he was seen even beckoning at Beyoncé supposedly off the stage. As fans continued to scream, the artist let the cat out of the bag as he told them, “April Fools.”

Fans were no doubt disappointed by the joke, but they were a good sport about it. Still, they were treated to an exceptional performance by Usher, and later, the R&B singer even brought on rap duo City Girls as they performed their track “Good Love.”

Among the performers at this year’s Dreamville Festival were Sean Paul, Summer Walker, Burna Boy, and Glorilla.

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