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Quavo Brings Back 2014 Honcho With “Honey Bun” Sampling Drake & 21 Savage

Quavo samples Drake and 21 Savage's "Rich Flex" on his new song "Honey Bun" signaling his full return to music


Quavo made a bold declaration that 2014 Honcho is back as he dropped off his new single “Honey Bun.”

Since coming off a brief hiatus following the passing of his nephew and fellow Migos member Takeoff, Quavo has been back in the studio working. In January, he released a tribute single for the fallen Migos, titled “Without You.” Now he is back on hip hop airwaves with a much darker joint, channeling his 2014 Honcho flow.

The song “Honey Bun” samples Drake and 21 Savage’s single “Rich Flex” off their joint album, Her Loss, which arrived in November last year, around the time when Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston. Drake famously gets trolled for the single on which he sings, “21, can you do something for me.” That line became a popular catchphrase on social media in the weeks after the song was released, prompting Drizzy to react to the memes.

Quavo switched that up a little when he raps, “Honeybun, can you do somethin’ for me/ Can you go automatic just for me/ Tommy gun, can you do somethin’ for me/ Can you call Al Capone for me.” In another verse he raps, “I just got a hundred bricks like hack-a-Shaq/ 2014 Huncho is back.”

The Atlanta rapper also released an accompanying music video with the song’s arrival on Friday. The Keemotion-directed cut saw Huncho in all black riding in an armored truck while sending a message to his opps.

In the meantime, some fans were highly disappointed after Yeat was not featured on the single. Rumors started circulating earlier this week when photos surfaced of the two seemingly on set a music video shoot. Yeat fans got pretty excited at the prospect of a Quavo collab, but perhaps that’s a different song they’re working on.

“The song is fire but am disappointed Yeat wasn’t on it man Quavo what’s going on we saw you and Yeat why isn’t he on the song would’ve been fire for sure,” one fan wrote.

“Honey Bun” is the follow-up single to Quavo’s “Greatness,” another song he released over the past few months. It certainly seems he is channeling his pain from losing Takeoff into his music.