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Latto Addresses 21 Savage Tattoo In New Song Sporting A Diamond Ring

Latto teases a new song addressing her tattoo of 21 Savage name and sporting a giant diamond ring in the video

21 Savage Latto
21 Savage, Latto

Latto teases a new song with some new visuals and some interesting lyrics. The Atlanta rapper appears to be addressing her rumored relationship with Atlanta rapper 21 Savage and a tattoo of his name behind her ear.

Last month, Latto quickly deleted a video of her getting her hair done at the salon after eagle-eyed fans spotted a tattoo of Savage’s legal name ‘Sheyaa’ behind one of her ears in red ink. That was perhaps the clearest indication that the two are an item, as they both seemingly denied rumors and speculations that they were dating. Their teams also keep the information airtight. Last year, 21 Savage outright said he was not dating a celebrity during a Twitch live stream sometime last year.

The denials have only caused fans to continue speculating and scrutinizing both. Some fans have started a rumor that Latto and Savage are keeping the relationship on the low because he reportedly got married to the mother of his children to secure his American citizenship. The rapper was arrested by ICE in 2019 and faced deportation because he was born in England but had been living in the U.S. illegally since he was a small child but never had his papers regulated.


His immigration woes saw the likes of Jay-Z stepping up to assist him. For the last two years, 21 Savage has been linked to Latto as her mystery man, who gifted her a brand-new Lamborghini for her 23rd birthday in 2021. It seems that Latto is also dishing about her relationship in her latest freestyle, as fans believe she is confirming that her rumored boyfriend 21 Savage gave her the luxury car, which motivated her to get the tattoo of his name.

In a video posted on Monday, Latto is heard in a voiceover linking her receiving the Lamborghini and the tattoo.

“Rip me out the plastic/ I been acting brand new/
B**ches acting like they running/ sh*t but they just ran through/ If he put you in that Lambo/ then you would get the tattoo/ They thought I was gon fall out/ I hate to bring you bad news,” Latto raps.

The tattoo in question is big and bold and encircles Latto’s ear in red ink, but from afar, her hair and skin complexion hide it well enough. 21 Savage, whose real name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, has not said anything about Latto since the tattoo went viral.