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21 Savage Breaks Silence On Latto Dating Rumors

Latto 21 Savage
Latto, 21 Savage

21 Savage is speaking out on his dating life following months of speculations he and Latto are an item.

The Atlanta rapper has killed the ongoing rumor and speculation that he is dating “Big Energy” rapper Latto. In a recent interview, 21 Savage disclosed that he doesn’t have a celebrity girlfriend. For many, that statement has cleared up the speculation that he is the man behind the lavish gifts and secret relationship Latto has teased.

While on Clubhouse recently, 21 Savage was very passionate as he explained that he was not involved with any celebrity.

“I have been hot for a long time. I don’t do all the antics and sh*t. I don’t got a celebrity girlfriend. I don’t got to be out everywhere, I’m not dropping music every other week. I’m not going on Live talking about people every week,” the rapper says.

The dating rumors began more than two years ago when the pair had shared similar vacation snaps causing fans to think they were in the same location. However, Latto later denied that they were involved but shared they had mutual respect.

“No,” she said in a 94.1 interview. “It’s videos on YouTube of me performing with him at the Palace, I think that was the Palace. Like it be real respect, you know what I’m saying?”


Last year, Savage himself raised eyebrows when he publicly praised her song “Big Energy.”

“This too hard,” he wrote along with a fire emoji. “Queen Of The A,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.

In the meantime, it seems that Savage is done letting the public into his personal life. The last time he spoke about his love life was in 2018 after breaking up with Amber Rose. “Do I miss her? Ah, hell nah.” He said on the Big Facts podcast. “I ain’t made any songs about her. She in a relationship! I’m happily in love. I got a family. I’m good.”

21 Savage also again addressed his statement that he had dissed veteran rapper Nas in a commentary last week where he said the rapper was not relevant in today’s music scene but had a loyal following.

According to him, he and Nas had discussed collaborating long before his statement and the release of their song “One Mic One Gun” on Wednesday night.

“Me and Nas have been talking about making music, on my kids. Way before that sh*t happened. We’ve been figuring out how we were going to do a song, before this. I’ve been had his number, he’s been telling me he’s a fan of my sh*t. I’ve been telling him the same thing before all this sh*t happened, bro. That’s why he didn’t take what I said in no disrespectful way, because he knew what I was trying to say.”