Spice Returns To The Stage With A Bang 6 Months After Health Scare

Spice performed live on stage for the first time since her health scare in the Dominican Republic in October last year


Dancehall artiste Spice made her first public appearance in six months after sharing that she nearly lost her life due to a medical emergency in the Dominican Republic last year.

The artist had her performance in the Cayman Islands, and she did not disappoint fans as she put on a show of entertainment for screaming fans. Spice did not disappoint fans as she popped out in a sexy blue bodysuit and slayed with her blue hair as she dropped to the ground while fans screamed in excitement. The artiste shared several videos of her performance on her Instagram account, where she spoke about enjoying the fact that fans are singing her songs from 20 years ago.

“This is what longevity looks like when you’ve been in the business for 20 years and they’re still singing songs from 2003 ……….The #QueenOfDancehall is Back,” she wrote.

“thank you for an amazing night. love you besties …….now if you know these songs drop a line let me see my real supporters from my hungry days,” she added.

Spice last week revealed that the rumors that she was in a coma and had died were true as she revealed that she died while receiving medical attention and had to be revived by doctors who refused to give up on her.

According to Spice, she had traveled to the Caribbean Island for a breast reduction surgery and had also consulted and had some kind of medical procedure done to treat fibrosis of the stomach. However, it appeared that doctors were unaware she had a hernia, and the treatment for fibrosis damaged the hernia.

Spice shared that she went into sepsis while her health rapidly deteriorated. She also told her fans that she had scars on her stomach as a result of her health scare in October 2022.

The performance in the Cayman Islands for Cayman Carnival is the first time the artist’s fans are seeing her since her hospitalization.

“Cayman I love you soooooo much . Thank you for making my first night back on stage after 6 months so very special. God is truly amazing #TheQueenisBack #JesusisKing #Godablessme #SpiceMarley,” Spice wrote in another post.

Since returning to music, Spice has released two singles, “God A Bless Me” and “Spice Marley,” and promised to release more new music to celebrate her journey and share praise to God for saving her life.