Spice Speak On Her Health Reveals She Had Damaged Hernia, Sepsis


Spice is finally addressing her Smurf fan base almost a week since rumors surfaced that she had experienced post-surgery complications.

A popular Instagram page that tracks celebrities who get plastic surgery claimed that the “Go Down Deh” singer had been in the Dominican Republic for a round 2 BBL, but she suffered complications, and her health was deteriorating as she was in a coma.

Other persons who claimed to be close to Spice’s family also said that the singer had suffered a heart attack. However, Spice on Wednesday expressed gratitude to God and explained that she had to get emergency surgery for a hernia.

“Thank you Jesus for saving my life,” she captioned a photo of her in a blue gown with her hand clasped in prayer. “Hey Besties I’m in a better space today to properly update you on my current health situation. I suffered a [damaged] hernia a few days ago that sent my body into sepsis, as a result I was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery,” she continued.

The Love and Hip Hop cast member also addressed the rumors and said it was false.

“As you know I’ve been off Social Media for a while to rest mentally, so little did I know that during my medical scare it was already been said that I had a heart attack, I was in a Coma , and I also died. but none of that is true. However, I’m still recovering from what really happened so thanks so much for all the prayers and concerns, please take great care of yourself, eat, live, love laugh, like it’s your last day, I love you all so much,” the artist wrote.


In the meantime, Spice, who is known for her theatrics on stage which includes “boom flicking” and going on her head top while performing, also joked that she would not be jumping off of speaker boxes any time soon.

Since the rumors about her health began circulating, fans became concerned after the artist’s upcoming shows were canceled.

In her post, the artist apologized to promoters for the events she wouldn’t be able to attend as she recovers. One show in the Cayman Islands for Nov. 25th for Spice has now been postponed, with the artist promising that she will see her fans at a later date.

Fans of the artist also reacted to her posting for the first time since she was rumored to be hospitalized.

“Take care of yourself Grace. happy you are doing better,” Cecile wrote.

“Jesusssss!!!! @badgyalshanshan one thing about prayerrrrr. praise himmmmm Grace yuh had us ah bawllllll!!! So happy you’re okay my love!!!! Heal up, rest up! You’re blessed and highly favoured,” model Winnie Harlow wrote.

“Love you sis! Prayers for healing physically & mental peace,” Missy Elliot said.

Fellow celebs Deelishes, Amara La Negra, Mariah Lynn, London Hill, Davina Bennett, Ding Dong, Demarco, Seal Paul, Jah Vinci, and many others also sent her well wishes for a speedy recovery.