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Ja Rule Says Hip Hop Influenced Ja Morant’s Recent Troubled Behaviors

Ja Rule shared his thoughts on Ja Morant recent controversies and how hip hop influenced it

Ja Rule
Ja Rule

Ja Rule is taking on a big brother role as he offers words of advice to Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant who found himself caught up with the law recently and was suspended in what could be the most crucial point of his blooming career.

The basketball franchise suspended the NBA star for eight games without pay after a video posted to social media showed his toting a firearm. The reactions to his suspension have spanned from disappointment to sympathy from many, especially from the hip-hop community who support the Memphis star athlete.

Ja Rule is among those who share grace for Ja’s mistakes and even some excellent advice. In a video interview with TMZ, Ja Rule was asked whether hip-hop is to be blamed, but while agreeing, he says he believes the NBA star has time to make better decisions.

“Hip-hop is very influential,” Ja Rule began but didn’t blame Morant. “You know, I’ve done things in my youth because of hip-hop. Red Man made how to roll a blunt, we started smoking blunts, Snoop made gin and juice, we started drinking gin and juice.”

He continued, “Hip hop is very influential I’m not gonna say it’s not but how far people take it is what it is but the thing with Ja…I just hope he has better people around him. [To] let him know that that ain’t the way. Go play ball, man. Do you. The streets ain’t about nothing, man. Go grind on ‘em. Keep balling. That’s it, man. We all make mistakes, I made plenty when I was young so it happens.”

Since the incident with the gun, the media has taken a particular interest in the rapper. A video of him in a strip club was leaked online. Despite the negative publicity, Morant appears to be taking it to the chin and has accepted he erred.

“It’s not who I am. I don’t condone any type of violence, but I take full responsibility for my actions,” Morant told Rose. “I made a bad mistake. I can see that the image I painted of myself with my recent mistakes, but in the future, I’ma show everybody who Ja really is, what I’m about, and change this narrative,” he said on the Jalen Rose podcast.