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Lil Durk Says He Is Not Giving Up On Getting Back India Royale

Lil Durk wants his girl back but India Royale remains firm on her decision to break off their engagement

India Lil Durk
India Royale & Lil Durk

Lil Durk is not giving up although he is having a hard time convincing India Royale of his feelings, and his former girlfriend and mother of his daughter appear to be tired of his continued advances as she says she’s single.

On Sunday, Lil Durk penned a lengthy post on Instagram Stories as he explained that he is the cause of the breakup, but he continues to love her. “It’s f***ed up on my end not hers I f***ed up she played a small part she really a good girl who live life. Ima good guy good husband cause I just over talked never to her pain back from when she was back pregnant willow in the belly aka fat ma,” the Chicago rapper said.

“So I ain’t perfect but I’m for you and I love you and I’m all ears whenever we get back in a relationship you saved my life with you and willow and big sky outside all my kids,” he added as he also shouted out his late brother D’Thang.

He added in another story, “real love not a paid situation I just love her to death she fed up but ima save us.”

India Royale did not acknowledge the messages and even went on to assert to probing fans that she was single. “If it ain’t money in the text don’t send it,” she said in one tweet and added in another, “I’m very much single. Been, been.”

Durk also appeared hurt by the response from India writing, “I hopped on Twitter to say I love you to now I’m back gone crazy a$$ lady.”

Another tweet read, “talking bout my daughter stop it I’m not no goofy I’m smurk don’t’ forget.”

India Royale and Lil Durk share a daughter, Willow. The couple appeared to break up sometime last year. Durk has been constantly expressing his love to India, but she has continued to be steadfast, that she’s single and uninterested in Durk’s advances.

Neither Lil Durk nor India Royale have revealed the primary reason for their breakup last year, but speculations surfaced that the OTF rapper gotten another woman pregnant. Royale has since dismissed those rumors as false, but remains tight lipped on the reason she broke off their engagement.