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Offset, J Prince Reacts False Story About Federal Arrest and Threats To Migos

Offset and J Prince both called cap on a false story claiming that J Prince was arrested for allegedly threatening the remaining Migos members, Wack 100 also denied he made the claims

Offset/IG | J Prince

J. Prince reacted to reports from Wack 100 that he was arrested by the FBI for threatening Offset following a feud between the artists over the death of late Migos rapper, Takeoff.

A clip was shared by Akademiks earlier on Friday where Wack 100 claimed that J. Prince was arrested by the feds and is in custody for threatening Offset and that Quavo and Offset were now in protective custody.

J. Prince and Offset have not been on good terms in recent weeks after the Rap-A-Lot co-founder claimed that Offset had been talking negative things about him behind his back and insinuating that he and his sons might have some involvement in Takeoff’s death.

Offset also reacted to the report calling it “cap,” while J. Prince also posted a video lounging in his backyard as he addressed the claim.

“This sh*t be funny to me y’all. Whatever this sh*t come down to in the world today, I can’t believe people play with people’s intelligence and intellect the way they do today,” he began. “I can’t believe people play with people[‘s] intelligence — the way they play with people intelligence and intellect. You know, the way they do today.”

“People telling lies, you know what I mean, they actually lying to y’all for a living but as you can see I am live and in living colour, this is what my jail cell looks like,” J. Prince mocked.

Wack 100 also called out Akademiks for what he called “clickbait.”

“@akademiks thirst move…if you don’t have the content of me saying this don’t stamp it. But I get it. #clickbait is the New Testament… Dude ain’t nobody to hide from #Gtfoh @offsetyrn you have a good day today.”

A three-minute clip shared on social media has Wack 100 claiming that he found out and confirmed that J. Prince was arrested. Wack also swore as an “Aries” that “hates to be wrong” as he made a point that his news was credible.

Wack 100 and J Prince has a well documented feud and have been going at it online for the past several months. Offset is only the latest addition to J Prince’s list of enemies. It’s unclear how their feud started, but Prince appears to take the first shot at the former Migos rapper during an interview in February and also shared a lenthy caption on Instagram calling Offset a “fake mother****” and a “snake.”

“To those of you that still live on principles over emotions that know and respect me it’s all good,” Prince wrote in a lengthy. “I don’t care about the media hoes; they eat sh*t for a living. We live on different planets and breathe different air if you know what I mean. I only display loyalty and friendship to my brothers and sisters until they show me they’re unworthy.”

In an audio shared, J Prince got a lot more raw with his statement towards Set. “This clown Offset suffering from being a fake mutha**** disease,” the Rap-A-Lot exec said. “He wanna play victim now but he was a volunteer when he spoke threats about me and my family name in his mouth about what he gonna do. ‘Why you didn’t call me to talk?’ is the twist he wanna use. Tell lies in your woman ear, n***a. I don’t have time to listen to weak sh*t.”

J Prince also made some other allegations that he had to protect Offset and Cardi B in Los Angeles. Both Set and Cardi denied the claims and Wack 100 also said he offered the couple protection.