J Prince Exposed Offset and Cardi B In Lengthy Post, Offset & Cardi Respond

Offset, Cardi B | J Prince

Cardi B attempted to clear the air on Wednesday afternoon hours after J Prince shaded Offset as “fake” and someone his family “hold their head down” when they speak of him.

J Prince has been on an extensive rant and press tour in the past few weeks as he speaks about Migos rapper, Takeoff’s death. The Rap-A-Lot CEO seems to have a bone to pick with Offset, whom he accused of saying things about him to others since his cousin died. It’s unclear what J Prince’s issue is, but his sons – J Prince Jr. and Jas Prince, have both received backlash as they hosted the dice game where Takeoff was killed.

Offset and Quavo have both been quiet since the rapper was killed, but J Prince, who has no relation to the Migos members, appears to be upset at Takeoff.

Days after Offset accused J Prince of playing “internet games” and capitalizing on Takeoff’s death in the media, J Prince went off on Offset again on Wednesday night as he claimed that Offset threatened him and his family.

“This clown Offset suffering from being a fake muthaf**** Disease. He wana play the victim now but he was a volunteer when he spoke threats about me and my family name in his mouth about what he gon do. Why you didn’t call me to talk is the twist he wants to use,” J Prince is heard speaking in a post on Instagram.

He continued, “tell lies to your woman n***ga, I don’t have time to listen to weak sh*t. Now you want to fake in front of a camera and trying to hide behind Takeoff mother when I have shown nothing but respect for her and family. See boy you acting like you a part of a family that don’t really f— with you cause you a snake. Now you acting like you don’t know me from a can of paint, let me see if I can refresh your memory. Remember we talked when you got your ass whooped in Atlanta?”

In a caption, J Prince also wrote, “I’m glad I’m not one of those individuals that my family has to hold their head down when my name is mentioned,” as he urged that no matter what the media says or what people heard, “it’s cap.”

Offset has not responded, but Cardi B responded to chatter online. The “WAP” rapper liked a tweet where a fan wrote, “And why is J Prince discussing Takeoff family like he closer to them than Offset ever was?”

Cardi B also replied to a tweet from a follower who said she needed J Prince’s help to feel safe in LA.

“NEVER… tell him to show receipts… Only people that was there was Wack and Big U…why would he be calling for anything involving crips? Whole bunch of fairy tales,” Cardi B said.

“BIG LIES,” Cardi wrote in another tweet.

Days ago, J Prince had threatened Offset on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

“This Offset dude, I ain’t gon leave him out, you know I’m just real like this because you know, N***gas be throwing rocks and hiding their hands… For you to be taking these positions that you taking, you know what I mean? I got people everywhere, so I hear all kinds of things.”

He also threatened Offset to not put him in a position where he have to defend himself.

Offset has since responded to J Prince by calling him the police.

“Street Ni— turn never needed you for no smoke u da police all mouth with no proof just fairy tales let this be the last time we speak on this,” Offset tweeted.