Charlamagne Declines Commenting On Angela Yee Statement, DJ Envy Speaks Out

DJ Envy push back at Angela Yee's statement that she was the only woman at The Breakfact Club production, while former co-host Charlamagne Tha God declined to comment

Charlamagne Tha God DJ Envy
Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy / The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy is doubling down on his rebuttal and calls former host Angela Yee’s recent statement about her experience as the only female face on the show “cap.”

There’s been much back and forth since Yee’s statement on the Tamron Hall Show, where she spoke about being lumped together for comments or remarks made by the other hosts and being happy about having her own show where she faces accountability only for her actions.

Since Angela Yee’s comments, rapper Lil Mama and Erica Mena both accused her of being a hypocrite and attempting to take herself away from damaging discussions on the morning radio show because she now needs female audience support for her own show. Lil Mama, who was moved to tears during an interview, equally blamed Yee for laughing and participating in the incident that took place.

DJ Envy on Monday officially spoke on the matter during the Breakfast Club show.

“What she said wasn’t true. I can’t tell her how she can feel about being on the show cause’ on the show yeah, she’s correct it was me, Charlamagne and herself. But when it came to producers, there were so many different women who continued to work… I didn’t like that they put that the Breakfast Club doesn’t have women here, and doesn’t respect women’s views because that’s not true,” he said.

Envy said he felt upset about the comment as Yee made it sound as if no women worked at the show.

“There’s other people that work here who do a lot for the show. There are women here who continue to push me and Charlamagne to the next level. Charlamagne and I talk spoke about how important it is to have women in our lives, especially black women,” he said.

He added, “I didn’t want to diminish or take away from what these strong black women do for our show.”

Many social media users appeared to agree with Yee that the two male hosts, especially Charlamagne, have been disrespectful toward women, and some even felt that Yee was afraid to speak up.

When asked his thoughts on the matter, Charlamagne said, “Nothing.”

In the initial interview, Yee told Hall, “Sometimes I would feel like I got it harder than [Charlamagne Tha God] did for some things that he said. And so I also want to make it clear that we’re all three individuals. You say what you say, feel how you feel, and I do too. But it’s hard because people affiliate you with the whole group.

She continued, “I was the only woman who worked there too. I mean when it came to producers, camera people, and it wasn’t an easy room for me to be in. I feel like I did need more backup because even things that I felt, as a woman – if somebody can’t understand your point of view because they’re not coming from where you come from. So that was hard for me too, to be the only woman there.”

Yee later addressed the comments in a series of tweets on Saturday.

“Usually, I don’t comment or go back and forth with people but there’s too much spinning. “In the room” referred to the people in the studio: the producer, board op, videographer, and hosts. Yes, they are men. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing women who are execs, salespeople, interns, and in other departments. I’ve said this on many occasions: that it can be hard when your viewpoint is different based on your experience. I didn’t anticipate that this would cause such a firestorm. Everyone texting me “are you ok” (which I appreciate!) and I know I don’t normally take the time to overexplain because it drags things out even more but that’s all,” she posted.