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Fans Defend Chris Brown Over Claims He Mocks The Disabled In Germany

Chris Brown fans came to is aid amid accusation by an activist that he mocked the disabled after his show in Germany

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown fans came to his aid after an activist claimed that the singer was mocking people with disability in the below video making the rounds.

Members of the disabled community in Berlin are expressing outrage at Chris Brown after he was spotted limping at his concert. Brown has been making headlines almost every day since his “Under The Influence” tour started last month. The latest controversy comes after a video of the rapper limping and reportedly pretending to be unable to walk went viral.

He was accused of mocking disabled people after his performance at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany, on March 1. A video shared by a fan called out Brown, who was seen wearing a red bubble jacket, hoodie, and face mask while limping on one leg as he was escorted by security.

“Disappointed last night to log in to Instagram to see @chrisbrown causally imitating/mocking people with physical impairments/disabilities and thinking it’s ok,” one person posted on Twitter.

Was Chris Brown mocking the disabled?

However, Chris Brown fans were not in agreement with the activist’s assessment of the video. “Okay and I’m sure Chris wasn’t being any way harmful to disabled ppl y’all gotta stop it he had a charity regarding disabled kids why would he mock them y’all just reach for no reason but God bless y’all,” one fan said.

A day before, Brown made headlines after he was seen on video serenading fans on stage, then abruptly grabbing her phone and throwing it into the crowd after she began to make a selfie video of him.

The fan eventually got her phone back after other eventgoers found it. Brown was also seen on video heated and ready to fight a Tik Toker in the club two days ago.

A video of the incident was shared online, where the artist appeared to be held back by members of his team. He can be seen furiously pointing and arguing with the person whose face could not be seen on the video.

Brown also confirmed that the incident occurred, sharing in a comment on Instagram, “You know you tucked your tail.”