Toronto Mayor Declares February 6 Bob Marley Day

Bob Marley reggae
Bob Marley / Fifty-Six Hope Road Music

The City of Toronto, in celebration of the life and impact of Jamaican artist Bob Marley, declared that Monday, February 6, 2023, was to be recognized as Bob Marley Day.

Bob Marley’s birthday is being celebrated across the world on Monday, and his birth week is also marked with a series of activities in Kingston, Jamaica. The reggae legend was born in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica, with his birth name being Nesta Robert Marley.

The artist’s father, Norval Sinclair Marley, was a 60-year-old white British naval captain, while his mother was 19-year-old, Cedella. The legendary Jamaican artist was only 36 years old when he died, but he had 12 children who have carried on his strong musical legacy and also followed in his path.

On Monday, Toronto mayor John Tory shared that the city would celebrate Bob Marley Day because of the artist’s “uplifting messages of love, justice, and unity that continues to resonate today.’

A photo of the proclamation was also shared on Mayor Tory’s Twitter account.

It read began, “WHEREAS on February 6, we honour the music and legacy of Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley, an iconic musician, human rights advocate and an ambassador of peace. After working as a solo artist, his musical breakthrough came when he and his fellow musicians formed the Wailers, incorporating elements of rocksteady and ska, and later adding reggae. It was this new unique sound that captured the attention of music lovers worldwide,” it said.

“Bob Marley would go on to achieve further fame after the Wailers disbanded, sharing his music along with his messages of tolerance, love, peace and unity with his fans. He performed worldwide including here in Toronto, during performances at Massey Hall and Maple Leaf Gardens. Bob’s unparalleled artistry and positive demeanor have influenced millions of fans and countless musicians, and his work continues to have an impact to this day. His music captivates listeners of all ages, inspiring and uplifting people from around the world,” it added.

The proclamation further said that the City of Toronto had been celebrating Marley’s music and legacy for over 30 years as part of its enjoyment and promotion of Toronto as one of the greatest cities for music.’