Anthony B Celebrating Black History Month With First ‘Black & Proud’ Concert In NY

Anthony B
Anthony B

International dancehall/reggae artist Anthony B and Reggae Vibes Music are set to host the inaugural Black and Proud Concert in New York City. The event is a live reggae music experience that honors the richness of black culture and history.

Speaking with Urban Islandz on Tuesday, the “Life Good” artist shared that he had been working on the event concept for a while, and he is pleased that the date is finalized for Saturday, February 25, at Club Amazura in Queens, New York.

The concept for the concert comes from his reggae track “Black and Proud,” and the artist explained that it is a message he wants to continue to share because it is needed in this generation, especially in the month of February, which is celebrated as Black History month in the United States and as Reggae Month in Jamaica.

“[I am] trying to make awareness for this topic because of human beings who are judged for the color of their skin over their character. So we have to understand this topic because we are all flowers in this beautiful garden of life,” Anthony B shared.

Sharing his plans to host the same event in Jamaica and later one in Africa, Anthony B shared that the experiences of black people in the motherland, Jamaica, or the diaspora are almost similar and empowering each other with self-love and pride is important.

“Our children and all the children of all our fellow nations must learn about this topic [black and proud]. When we hide the truth from the children, we can’t turn around and blame them for not knowing our past mistakes, and the effects of being judged or judging the next person for the colour of their skin. We are all humans living [our] experiences and learning as life goes on,” the artist shared.

The reggae artist shared that the event will be mainly reggae music and will feature performances from some of the finest reggae artists in the business- Turbulence, Pressure, Kabaka Pyramid, and Perfect Giddimani, among others. A finalized rundown will be shared with attendees at a later date.

Also set to entertain the crowd are HOT 97’s Massive B- Bobby Konders and Jabba, alongside Mountain Lion Sound.

In the meantime, Anthony B also updated Urban Islandz on his music journey, sharing that he plans to release a new reggae album this year. The project, Bread & Butter, will be released through Ineffable Music Group, but he declined to share a release date just yet.

Pressed for spoilers, the artist, however, shared that it will be a solid reggae music album that will include a few surprise guests. So far, he revealed that there is a track with Busy Signal and another with Chronic Law in the project.