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Young Thug YSL Co-Defendant Allegedly Injured In Police Scuffle, Attorney Says

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An attorney for a defendant in the ongoing YSL trial has accused a Fulton County Deputy of assaulting his client.

The YSL RICO trial has not been without controversy in recent weeks as three defendants have been slapped with additional charges for drugs or other contraband they received in the courtroom last week.

Now, another defendant is alleging he has been assaulted by a court deputy, but the Sheriff’s office is disputing the claim and says that the defendant spat on the deputy.

According to WSB-TV, the attorney claims that several YSL defendants are claiming that the deputy assaulted them. The attorney, Angela D’Williams, who is representing defendant Rodalius Ryan alleged that he was punched in the head by a Fulton County sheriff’s deputy. Ryan suffered cuts and bruises from the punch.

The attorney said she would be filing a formal complaint with the Sheriff’s Department.

“I will be filing a formal complaint with the sheriff’s department and I hope they do a thorough investigation,” she said.

The attorney said the deputy alleged her client had spit on them first. She says they claimed Ryan spit on them first, but her client is disputing the claim.

“My clients said he went “shh” because he was upset about something, and they took that as him spitting,” D’Williams told reporters. “When they told him to get out of the van, they just grabbed him before he had a chance by his legs, and dragged him out. His head hit the van on the floor, and they dragged him out some more. He actually hit the sidewalk,” the attorney said.
An incident report was filed by the attorney, which claims that the defendant was awaiting transportation back to jail from the Fulton County Courthouse, where jury selection is presently underway.

Sheriff Pat Labat said Ryan had been spitting on the floor of the van, and after being told he would have to clean up his mess, he also spat in the face of a deputy.

Ryan also refused to cooperate when deputies tried to remove him from the van, allegedly “stiffening his body and laying on the backseat” in protest of removal from the van.

The Sheriff admitted that the accused deputy was “forced to get physical and remove him from the van and place him on the ground.”

Meanwhile, an attorney for the defendant, Kahlieff Adams, who was accused of attempting a drug transaction in court by passing Young Thug a Percocet, is also alleging that deputies have harmed her client.

The attorney claims that Adams was tased to a point where he had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Previous reports by judge Ural Glanville suggested that the defendant had been taken to Grady Hospital to remove the drug, not that he was tased by deputies.

Judge Glanville has not addressed the latest claims by attorneys.