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Shyne Partnering With Roc Nation & DJ Khaled For Upcoming Biographies

Shyne Jay-Z
Shyne and Jay-Z

DJ Khaled and Roc Nation are set to produce a biographical documentary of former rapper turned politician Shyne as part of a deal with the Walt Disney Company.

Shyne recently announced that the new partnership with Khaled and Roc Nation will be for one of four biographies. While speaking at a press conference in Belize, for former Bad Boy artist says the biographies are part of a new deal through the Walt Disney Company-owned entities ESPN and Andscape and will include several projects for television- a scripted biopic, a docu-series, a TV series on his life, and a book deal.

“Very pleased, very grateful that I was able to close a deal with Walt Disney and their subsidiaries ESPN and Andscape to produce my bio-documentary, bio-motion picture and bio-TV series, as well as my memoir,” the Belizean Opposition Leader and former rapper, said.

“The documentary will be executive produced by DJ Khaled and Roc Nation. So stay tuned, we will begin production here in Belize in the Spring. And we look for a 2024 Summer release,” he added.

The “Bad Boyz” artist explained on Instagram that he hopes that the projects will offer an “unfiltered” view of his life as a child in Belize to later his becoming a rapper, including some of his tragedies and triumphs and even his career-going up in smoke after he spent 10 years in jail for a shooting incident while out with Diddy and Jennifer Lopez.

“You can expect nothing short of a riveting film that takes you on an unfiltered journey of my life from birth in Belize to the dreams, nightmares, triumphs and tragedies involved in selling millions of albums, winning Grammy Awards, sacrificing my career and freedom to defend myself and friends, incarceration to reincarnation, fury to forgiveness, hurt to healing poverty to patriotism and purpose….Legendary rapper to next Prime Minister of Belize!”

Shyne first revealed the coming of his bio-projects in 2021 and even hinted that he wanted to record new music to be soundtracks for the projects. Explaining the music won’t be a comeback to the rap world, Shyne explained he wanted to keep the series authentic with his voice but that he would also offer it as a platform for Belizean artists.

Shyne, born Jamal Barrow, is a Belizean-American rapper and songwriter turn politician in his homeland. The retired gangster rapper rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s with his debut album “Shyne,” released in 2000 under Diddy’s label Bad Boy Records. Shyne was born in Belize City but moved to Brooklyn at a young age where he grew up in a rough neighborhood and had a difficult childhood, which is often reflected in his gritty lyrics. He was introduced to hip-hop music from his pre teen years at a young age and began writing and recording music as a teenager.

In 1998, Shyne caught the attention of Sean “Diddy” Combs, who eventually signed him to Bad Boy Records. His debut album “Shyne,” arrived in 2000 on the label and featured the hit singles “Bad Boyz” and “That’s Gangsta.” The album saw critical acclaim and debut at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 album chart and sold over two million copies.

Shyne’s career hit a snag in 2001 when he was convicted of assault and weapons possession in connection with a nightclub shooting involving Diddy and then girlfirend Jennifer Lopez. The Belizean rapper was sentenced to 10 years in prison and was released in 2009 and deported to his homeland.

After his release from prison, Shyne moved to Israel and converted to Judaism. He also changed his name to Moses Michael Leviy and began to focus on his spiritual and religious beliefs in his music. In 2011, he released his second album, “Godfather Buried Alive,” with guest features from the likes of Rick Ross, Akon, and French Montana.

Today, Shyne is a political leader in Belize and is planning to run for president of the country.