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Ja Rule Trolled By 50 Cent After Yelling To Stop Playing ‘In Da Club’ At Concert

50 Cent and Ja Rule beef
50 Cent and Ja Rule

Ja Rule’s team was not pleased after fans attempted to troll him with 50 Cent’s music playing at one of his events.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced showing Ja’s team scrambling to get 50 Cent’s classic “In Da Club” cut while the artist made his way to the stage. 50 Cent, who got a hold of the video, also trolled Ja Rule, letting him know that 2023 might be a new year, but the old beef still stands.

According to reports online, Ja Rule was preparing to perform at the Power 106.9 Jingle Jam concert in Omaha, Nebraska, last month (December 10). The event held at Baxter Arena was widely attended, and while the New York rapper’s team tried to get things under control, Ja Rule was a good sport about it.

“Only in Omaha they gon’ play 50 at Ja Rule sh*t,” a voice in the video said. “They trying to get it cut off right now… That ni**a 50’s still winning,” another said.

50 Cent also seemed amused by the video. “LOL Now this is some funny sh*t! I wish i had something to do with it,” he wrote, along with the laughing and applause emoji.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent’s beef go way back over two decades. It doesn’t seem that 50 Cent has let go of the grudge despite Ja Rule not acknowledging his antics. Back in 2018, there was a report that 50 Cent bought out 200 front-row tickets at Ja Rule’s show to make him look silly.

“Even the thought of it is still stupid, because n***a, all you did if you did that, was put money in my pocket.,” the “Happy” rapper said. “And what you think the promoter is going to do? Have an empty venue? You let n***as in free or charge them again! It’s the dumbest sh*t ever, yo. But yeah, it’s cap. Never happened.”

Ja Rule hasn’t responded to 50 Cent’s latest trolling.