Jahshii, Chronic Law Leads Top Dancehall Artists In 2022 On YouTube In Jamaica


Rising artist JahShii has earned another accolade as he emerges as the artist with the most streamed song in Jamaica on YouTube for 2022. The song “Born Fighter” was released eleven months ago and is now the most streamed track out of Jamaica with 10.7 million views (overall 23 million views).

JahShii has had a good year for music as he also recorded 101 million total plays from mainly Kingston, Port of Spain Trinidad, New York, Georgetown, Guyana, and Montego Bay, being the top five places listening to the artist.

JahShii also leads Skeng’s mega-hit song “Protocol” featuring Tommy Lee Sparta, which came in second place with 10.5 million views for the year. The song has a total of 45 million views since its release more than a year ago.

“Talibhan” by Skeng and Stalk Ashley came in at third place with 7.68 million, followed by “Suicide Note” by Masicka in fourth place with 7.8 million views this year.

Skeng’s “Life Changes” at fifth place has 7.47 million views, while Squash’s “Sweepstake Life” has 6.96 million views in sixth place.

Squash’s song “Ambala” came in seventh place with 6.92 million views, and another young artist, Intence, earned 6.84 million views to be in eighth place. In ninth place, Burna Boy, who is the only non-Jamaican on the list, secured 6.29 million views for his song “Last Last.”

Rounding out the top 10, artist Shane O’s “Dark Room” comes in at 10th place with 6.24 million views.

In the meantime, the top artist for the year is Chronic Law, with 118 million views this year, followed by Skeng, with 94.9 million views, and Masicka, with 69 million views. Montego Bay artist Squash came in at fourth place at 59.9 million views, while Vybz Kartel came in fifth place with 59.4 million views.

The other artists of the top ten include JahShii at No. 6 with 50 million views, Alkaline at No. 7 with 47.9 million, Intence at No. 8 with 37.9 million views, Tommy Lee Sparta with 34.1 million views and Teejay in 10th place with 32.9 million views.

For the first time in years, Popcaan is not featured on the top 10 list. The artist has 31.9 million views in 11th place, while several rising artists rounded up the top 20, including Kraff Gad in 12th place, Silk Boss in 13th place, Malie Donn in 16th place, and Valiant in 17th place.

Shenseea and Skillibeng, whose careers took off on the international stage, both featured on the lower end of the top 20, with the former in 18th place and Skillibeng in 19th place.

Meanwhile, on the global stage, several artists recorded more plays than they did in Jamaica. Vybz Kartel is among one of the top-streamed artists on the global stage, with 414 million total plays for the year from mainly Kingston, New York, Nairobi, London, San Jose, Canada, Guyana, France, and others. The artist released several notable projects, including his True Religion EP, released in September, and several other tracks throughout the year.

Popcaan came in second with 267 million total global plays while Skeng has 259 million total global plays for the year from fans in Kingston, New York, Port of Spain, Trinidad Georgetown, Guyana, and London.

For the year, Shenseea received 193 million total global plays, while Alkaline had 190 million. Other artists include Squash, with 124 million total plays, JahShii, with 101 million global plays, and Ding Dong, with 25 million. Skillibeng’s stats were not available.

Despite having a few songs on the top 25 tracks in Jamaica, Valiant has a long way to go on the global total plays list. However, the artist has shown great potential with his stage presence and personality.

10 Most streamed songs in Jamaica in 2022 on YouTube

1. Jahshii – “Born Fighter
2. Skeng & Tommy Lee Sparta – “Protocol”
3. Skeng & Stalk Ashley – “Talibhan”
4. Masicka – “Suicide Note”
5. Skeng – “Life Changes”
6. Squash – “Sweepstake Life”
7. Squash – “Ambala”
8. Intence – “New Gear”
9. Burna Boy – “Last Last”
10. Shane O – “Dark Room”