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Big Sean Flaunts Ring In The Studio Sparking Jhene Aiko Married Rumors

Big Sean Jhene Aiko
Big Sean, Jhene Aiko

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko recently welcomed their baby boy, and it seems that their relationship has entered another level as fans think that Big Sean is married to Jhené.

On Friday, the rapper shared a video rapping his latest track, “Go Off,” with Russ and Ab-Soul, with one particular verse mentioning marriage, and Big Sean even points to a ring on his finger, causing speculation that the couple had secretly married.

“Same girl for six years, ni**a, I’m that picky,” he raps. “How many friends I got to have my casket carried outside / Probably not as many would stand and watch me married outside,” the verse went.

Big Sean also pointed to what seems to be a wedding band on his right hand, leading to fans questioning his verse and ring and whether they are now married following the birth of a baby boy named Noah Hasani.

Last month, Big Sean beamed with pride as he announced the birth of their son.

Big Sean
Big Sean

If Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are married, it wouldn’t be a surprise, really, as the rapper hinted in the past that marriage was “in the works.” The couple appeared on a live video in 2020 after rumors that they had broken up in late 2018 but later got back together in late 2019.

During the video, Big Sean complimented Jhené, “You look good!” Jhené also replied, “Why don’t you marry me?”

Big Sean told her, “It’s in the works. Don’t even trip.”

Online, fans reacted to the news of the engagement. “Love that Jhené and Big Sean found each other again and started a family love wins! Lol,” one fan said.

“Aaaww I do hope Big Sean and Jhene is married or will be … such a beautiful spiritual couple,” another said. “Jhene Aiko and Big Sean married? LOVE TO SEE IT!” another said.