Shenseea Show Off Her Toned Abs After Announcing She Is Single


Shenseea show off her washboard abs after announcing that she is single.

The Jamaican singer dropped several cryptic messages recently, leading to fans speculating that she and her rumored boyfriend, producer London On Da Track, have split. Shenseea was spotted holding hands with London earlier this year at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and she later denied that she was seeing the producer. Despite her denials, she and London have been continually linked, and it appears that their relationship was confirmed by the Grammy-winning producer’s baby mother, Eboni.

Eboni had taken to Instagram, where she called out both Shenseea and London for an alleged incident between her daughter Paris and Shenseea’s son Rajeiro. In text messages to London last week, Eboni claimed that Shenseea’s son,7, told her daughter,5, that she had a vagina. Eboni has asked that Shenseea and her stay away from her daughter.

While Shenseea has not responded to the allegations, Eboni, who became well-known for bullying Summer Walker, London’s ex-girlfriend during the course of that relationship, has continued to antagonize Shenseea as she begged her to address her online.

London On Da Track has not spoken publicly, and it seems that he has not defended Shenseea or her son from his ex’s attacks.

“Choose people that choose you!” Shenseea tweeted on Tuesday.

Shenseea also shared several cryptic tweets leading to fans thinking that it has something to do with her relationship with London On Da Track.

“Start seeing people for who they really are and not for who you want them to be,” one tweet read. “I only disrespect when I’m disrespected,” another tweet read.

In an Instagram Story, Shenseea also said that she was single. “I’m single because I’m not settling,” she said. While London hasn’t directly responded to Shenseea, his tweets are also curious and left fans wondering if he was referring to his personal life.

“Nobody can flirt with ya girl unless she’s interested,” London tweeted a day before Shenseea. “Trust really like a mirror once it’s broken u can put it back together but u still see the cracks,” the producer said in another tweet.

On the other hand, Fans had other thoughts about Shenseea’s tweets. “She need to be quiet they never listened. Honestly I thought she was smarter than that,” one follower wrote on Instagram.

In the meantime, Shenseea shared some new photos dolled up in a full denim fit including a mini skit, jacket, and a knee high boots. She left the washed denim jacket unbuttoned to showcased her toned abs. In another photo, she slipped into a swimsuit on the beach.