Jada Kingdom Teases “Last Night” Collab With Tory Lanez

Jada Tory
Jada Kingdom, Tory Lanez

Jada Kingdom is teasing a remix of her track “Last Night” featuring embattled rapper/singer Tory Lanez.

On Sunday, the dancehall singer shared a snippet of the remix with her verse, followed by bars by Lanez on the sultry track. Jada Kingdom recently deleted all her Instagram posts from her page following her rumored breakup with her boyfriend Nas EBK. Now she returns to tease new music a sign that the singer is getting back to regular programming.

“Know a wah mi dida think/Mi head did mash up/And a who tell yuh falla mi/Because mi neva seh suh/Please tell mi that I’m dreaming/Oh gosh no (o my God),” Jada sings before Tory Lanez chimed in.

To announce the release of the track, Jada wrote, “Y’all want this? Last night remix featuring a fan @torylanez,” she wrote on Instagram with the laughing, fire, and love emoji.

Some fans reacted positively to the collaboration. “One thing about Tory, he gone hop on a song and elevate it,” one fan wrote. “Jada stop the playing!!!! When we a get this?” one fan wrote.

It seems that some fans were also not in favor of Tory being on the remix, more than likely due to his ongoing felony shooting case with Megan Thee Stallion. The artist is presently on house arrest awaiting trial into allegations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. The Houston rapper claims that Lanez fired a loaded gun at her during an argument telling her to “dance b—h.” She suffered injuries to the heel of both of her feet.

Jada Kingdom had also come under fire before for sharing support for Lanez during the moments after the shooting. In one instance, Jada had joined an Instagram Live by Lanez where he denied that he had shot Megan Thee Stallion. The police later formally charged Lanez after Megan claimed that she was injured from a shooting and that her claims before that she had stepped on broken glass was to protect Lanez from cops hurting him.

At the time, Jada had written, “Thank you for being string for us! (purple heart).” Her fans had dragged her for showing Lanez support, and it seems that her hardcore fan base also appears not to be in favor of the remix.

“Bap bap bap don’t get shoot in u foot now like Megan keep it strictly business music he don’t play and I serious,” another person said.

“Tory is such a good musician but I cancelled him so imma miss out,” another fan said, hinting that they won’t support the song.

“Scrap this sh*t! Don’t release NOTHING with that gremlin. Put out that one song we been waiting on since January and you know which one I’m talking about,” another said as they spoke about a Capella Grey remix many were in favor.

Jada Kingdom nor Tory Lanez has responded to the criticisms.