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50 Cent Sends Message To Diddy Over Yung Miami Breakup

50 diddy
50 Cent and Diddy

50 Cent sens Diddy a message following his rumored breakup with Yung Miami.

50 Cent is keeping up with the gossip mill in hip hop, and occasionally he offers his opinions on events and activities in the space. One person he has continued to offer his opinion to is Diddy whom he has a running beef.

50 Cent is known for using his Instagram account to troll people that cross him, and he has not missed any opportunity to take jabs at Diddy. On Saturday, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of an article from a blog that claimed, “Yung Miami BREAKS UP with Diddy after he ‘CUT’ her allowance to just 200K a month”.

The television producer appeared tickled by the headline as he told Diddy to tighten up before he (50) goes after Yung Miami, who was recently cast in season 2 of Black Mafia Family, produced by the G-Unit rapper turned businessman.

“LOL PUFFY you better fix this before i get to Miami,” 50 Cent wrote. The “Get Rich or Die Trying” rapper also added that Diddy was playing with his “old sh*t,” referring to the mother of his youngest son, Daphne Joy, who is rumored to also be dating Diddy. “Or you gonna be stuck playing wit my old sh*t. LOL you know I don’t miss nothing Justin been knocked it off, we keep it player on this side,” he said.

Rumors began to spread this week that Diddy and Yung Miami may have parted ways after fans noticed that she had scrubbed all photos of her and Diddy off of her Instagram account.

Miami and Diddy were last seen at his birthday party last week, where she gifted him a new iced-out chain. However, a day later, the “Gotta Move On” rapper was seen in photos and videos on vacation with Daphne Joy, who also appeared to be celebrating Diddy’s birthday. There is speculation that Diddy and Daphne are involved, but that has also raised questions as to what’s going on with Diddy and Yung Miami.

Back in June, Yung Miami and Diddy confirmed that they were “dating,” but they were not in a relationship. Diddy has since been spotted with several other women, including Gina Huynh and Daphne.

Last month 50 Cent took shots at Daphne Joy, who is the mother of his son, Sire, after she was spotted out in public with Diddy.

“Oh sh*t, that’s your mommy over there with Puffy. LOL,” 50 Cent wrote in a post on Instagram. Daphne Joy also responded to 50 Cent, writing, “Please stop doing this to me. I never bother you and I’m an outstanding mother to our son. Can we please just focus on that.”

Meanwhile, fans of 50 Cent reacted to his post. “If Diddy cutting down on expenses America in a Recession for real,” one person wrote.

“Damn! She rolling Puffy like a blunt and smoking him,” another person said. “So that chain she got ’em for his bday HE PAID for his own BDAY gift,” another said.

“So you willing to give a women more then 200k but not willing to give your son more then 6k a month. Gotta make it make sense,” another person said.