Rihanna Was Back Working 3 Days After Giving Birth, Talks Motherhood


Rihanna is a proud super mom and likens motherhood to a whole new book on life.

Fans of the Bajan superstar will have to wait a little longer before they can see the Navy baby as Rihanna says she and her partner A$AP Rocky are being cautious. RiRi gave birth in May this year, and fans have had a ball of a time seeing the “Umbrella” artist enjoy her pregnancy with her unconventionally refreshing pregnancy fashion looks. Speaking with the Associated Press, the pop singer confirmed that she had a baby boy and spoke candidly about why she has not shared her baby with the world.

“We just didn’t get around to it yet really,” she begins.

The new mother did not share any more details about her son, not even his pinky toe, although he is approaching the six-month mark soon. Rihanna, however, says she and Rocky are enjoying their parenting journey despite the restrictions they’ve put on themselves.

“We’ve just been living but I guess there’s just a certain freedom that comes with kinda just like getting it out there. The challenge is we want to go to the park, we want to go everywhere, take walks and things as we want to do as parents with him but since we haven’t gotten around to sharing him with the world, we have to navigate it extremely extremely cautiously right now,” she said.

The “Lift Me Up” artist also spoke with Access Hollywood, who asked her about having her son, coming back to handle business, releasing new music, and even rehearsing and getting ready for her Super Bowl performance in February.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky at the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiere in Los Angeles, October 26, 2022.

When asked if she planned to have the baby, Rihanna said, “can you plan a baby like that? The baby comes into play and then everything shifts cause that’s the number one priority. You can’t delay a baby you can’t be like push back the due date; it’s coming. So things are gonna have to adjust, that’s a challenge in itself and I love it.”

She also spoke about getting back to her routine post-pregnancy, noting that she started working three days after giving birth.

“It’s crazy, actually getting back in heels was tough. I wore heels throughout my entire pregnancy and after you give birth it’s like ‘oh sh*t’ this is different but getting back into making music, and into studio, and back at work, I was back at work three days after I give birth,” Rihanna said.

The artist shared that she began working on the new Savage X Fenty show and the Fenty Sport line right after giving birth.

“There are also other dates you can’t push back…things like Sport, if I didn’t get on that call honestly we wouldn’t have [Fenty] Sport be a part of this show,” she said.

When asked about her decision to headline the Super Bowl Halftime show, Rihanna shared that she took a while to make up her mind.

“It was definitely not ‘yeah’, it was like let me think about it, and I delayed it and delayed it and it was probably one of the latest announcements that they’ve had but I really started to think about it and truly started to consider it when I was going through my music,” she said she became convinced that her catalog is superior enough for the performance.

In the meantime, the singer-songwriter, actress, and billionaire businesswoman also spoke about her relationship with A$AP Rocky and the early stages of motherhood.

According to her, she was overwhelmed and so intimidated by the idea of taking the Super Bowl stage, but the father of her child Rocky was also one of her biggest supporters.

“He was like ‘you got this, you can do this’… it’s amazing to have a friendship like be the center of our entire family and I really love it,” she said about the Mercer + Prince businessman and rapper.

As for her baby boy, the Barbadian National Hero also spoke glowingly about her son’s eyes and experiencing motherhood.

“So motherhood is a whole other beast. So life starts over when you become a parent. It’s like life like you’ve never known before it’s like you get a second full book it’s not a chapter, like a new book completely,” she said.

She continued, “the beginning it’s like you’re tripping acid every day, it’s wild and trippy…You look at him and he’s yours but he’s a stranger and he’s new and you’re learning as he’s learning you and the world. It’s an amazing experience honestly but the thing I really like is his eye contact that’s some awesome sh*t…when he looks at me in my eyes my whole soul is like, I can’t tell if it’s cold or hot, it’s amazing.”

The artist declined to say if her son had eyes like hers, which has sparked the curiosity of fans online who hope to get a glimpse of baby Rakim and Rihanna soon.

In the meantime, fans aren’t just waiting to see the artist’s baby; they might be waiting for music longer than they want.

Rihanna also addressed the calls from fans for new music after she announced her Super Bowl performance.

“Super Bowl is one thing, new music is another thing, do you hear that fans?” the Pop star said as she laughed.

She continued, “because I knew the second that I announce this they’re gonna think my album is coming, I need to get to work.”