Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend’s Autopsy Reveals She Was Strangled


The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has announced that Rushane Patterson will be questioned about the murder of Instagram influencer Aneka ‘Slickiana’ Townsend.

The young woman’s body was found floating in Reading, St. James, on October 21, sparking speculations that she was killed. On Monday, the JCF announced that her autopsy showed that her cause of death was strangulation. Slickianna’s body reportedly had a cord around the neck.

The results of the autopsy have now confirmed to investigators that Townsend was killed. According to an unnamed senior cop, Patterson, who was arrested on November 2, will now be questioned about her death.

Patterson was named a person of interest within 24 hours after Townsend’s body was discovered, and it has been rumored that he was the last person seen in her company. However, the Hanover resident reportedly hid away at a guest house in the town while evading Jamaican police with empty promises of turning himself in with a lawyer.

Patterson’s arrest has opened a can of worms as many women have come forward to allege violence at his hands. On November 3, a day after he was captured in relation to Townsend’s death, Jamaican police charged Patterson with abduction and assault occasioning bodily harm to his ex-girlfriend.

Her allegations stem from a 2018 incident in Duhaney Park, St. Andrew, where the woman said she met up with Patterson, also called “Chizzie,” her ex-boyfriend, at a gas station in the area.

While in his car, he showed her a photo of her current boyfriend and became angry and violent after demanding to know how many times they had sex and also accused her of being an “informer” for the police. The woman alleges that he held her against her will, choked her, and punched her about the body several times.

Patterson also allegedly threatened to kill her and dispose of her body after he demanded that she withdraw her money from an ATM and give it to him.

Patterson is connected to a 2014 rape and murder where he allegedly slashed a woman’s throat after raping her and leaving her to die. The rape victim who later survived was with her partner at the time, and he died after jumping from the trunk of the moving car Patterson allegedly drove. The case was dismissed in 2017 after the victim did not turn up for court.

Rushane Patterson is also said to be in court for another rape matter that is ongoing in Westmoreland.