Jamaican Influencer Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend Found Dead In St. James


Jamaican social media influencer and entrepreneur Aneka Townsend, also popularly known as Slickianna, was found dead on Friday in Reading, Montego Bay, St. James.

Sources told Urban Islandz that the young entrepreneur’s body was found floating in the sea close to shore with just footwear on. Aneka Townsend, who has 317K followers on Instagram, reportedly had a gunshot wound to the head. A gruesome video shared online also showed a body floating with one shoe that resembled the footwear the influencer wore in her last IG picture and a tattoo on the side of her leg and butt which closely resembled the same one Townsend has.

Checks on her Instagram account showed that the woman shared more than a dozen posts on her Instagram account over the last 16 hours. The last image of herself was shared 22 hours ago and showed her wearing nude-colored foam runners, shorts, and a white t-shirt, along with a purse.

Townsend was well-known in the entertainment space and was rumored to be dating Baby Cham in 2019 after she was spotted at his hotel in Kingston, and they were seen appearing cozy in photos. However, neither she nor the artist confirmed or denied the rumor, especially since Cham is married to his wife, Miss O.


Slickianna was also rumored to be dating the husband of a popular dancehall artist, which allegedly led to her marriage ending. Not much else is known about Townsend’s personal life except that she has a son and that she was formerly a stripper at Taboo Strip club at its former New Kingston location.

On Friday, fans of Townsend expressed shock as they grappled with the news.

“Bro her body was there juss floating dawg no clothes and a the same sandals f**kry,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Slick say a Nuh yuh please come live now @life.of.a.king a wah really a gwan,” another person said.

“Jah jah a she fr eno just look pon the tattoos dem look pon the fether pon r leg n look go pon r ig n look if ano the same feather jah jah,” another said.

“That video is going to give me a nightmare sighhh so sorry for her son,” another said.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has not commented on the identity of the body found at Reading despite the speculations.