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Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mother Insists She Has Full Custody Of Daughter Despite Reports

The mother of Nipsey Hussle’s daughter, Emani Dior Asghedom, is back in court fighting for custody of the 13-year-old child.

Tanisha Foster wants custody of her daughter and claims that a court had granted her care and control of the child in the past, but she remains in the custody of Nipsey Hussle’s family.

On Wednesday, Foster, who goes by the name ‘Chyna Hussle’ on Instagram, shared a visitation order document from January 1, 2012, issued by the Judicial Court of California. Foster claims she was granted custody of Emani, and Nipsey only had weekend visitation rights.

The document showed that Hussle had custody of Emani from Friday to Monday every weekend of the month. The document appeared to be attached to a custody order, but she did not share the custody order. Emani was born in 2008 and will turn 14 years old in November. Her custody has been a source of contention and ongoing dispute between the family of Hussle since his death.

During his life, Emani resided with her father, but after his death in 2019, Foster has taken the rapper’s family members to court to secure custody. On Tuesday, Hussle’s older brother, Sam Asghedom, who is the court-appointed administrator of his estate in relation to probate proceedings, filed a status report on his handling of the rapper’s estate where he outlined the ongoing challenge with the custody battle.

In the report, Sam writes that guardianship of his niece is still pending. Emani and her half-brother Kross are the sole beneficiaries of Hussle’s multimillion-dollar estate, but Nipsey’s family is accusing Tanisha of not only being an unfit parent but possibly seeking to get her hands on the $2 million Emani would be entitled to after probate is completed.

After Nipsey’s death, his family applied for guardianship of Emani, and his sister Samantha Smith, brother Sam and grandmother Angelique were named joint guardians.

Foster, who had agreed to the guardianship in 2019, filed a motion for custody in 2022 to reverse the order. In the document, she claimed that she had agreed due to her “own financial limitations; her desire to maintain the standard of living and family contact the minor had experienced with the paternal family before her father’s death, and upon the verbal assurances that each of them would act in the best interests of Emani.”

She said that after the order was granted, the family not only had complete control of Emani but also did not give her any financial assistance and reduced her visitation.

Foster’s motion asked for custody and for the court to appoint a “neutral experience financial planner” to manage her daughter’s inheritance money.

“There are no circumstances or events in my life that would disqualify me from regaining my exclusive role as Emani’s parent. There is no longer any need for guardianship. Emani routinely asks me when are she and I going to be able to live together. She longs to be with me as her mother. I am begging the court to terminate the existing guardianship,” she wrote.

In 2019, TMZ reported that the rapper’s family told the court that Foster was not a good parent and would likely waste her daughter’s inheritance left to her by her father as she seeks to live a lavish lifestyle she can’t afford for herself.

Nipsey’s grandmother Angelique who helped raise the rapper, passed away last month. She was also one of the guardians of Emani.

The court has yet to rule on the outcome of the case, but custody and guardianship orders are usually granted for the best interests of the child, as determined by the court.

Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in 2019 outside his clothing store in Los Angeles.