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Kim Kardashian Says Free Gunna, Calls On Georgia To Pass Rap Lyrics Bill

Kim Kardashian and Gunna (from left)

Kim Kardashian is again throwing her support behind reports that Gunna is reportedly not named concerning any crime or in any of the proffers by witnesses testifying in the case.

Reports surfaced on September 28 that the rapper’s lawyers were seeking a third bond attempt. A decision on the rapper’s bond is yet to be made, and prosecutors have not responded to the rapper’s filing as yet. Among those who reacted to the news was Kim Kardashian, who shared a prayer emoji on Twitter. It was a caption of a screenshot reflecting the news. The post received 126,000 likes.

Kim K also shared another reaction to the latest law passed by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 30, where she called on Georgia to pass similar legislation to protect rap lyrics from being used against rappers in criminal cases.

In a tweet, she wrote, “Amazing news out of CA- great work @GavinNewsom! Your turn Georgia! #FreeGunna.”

This is the second time that Kim K has shown support for Gunna. Back in July, she had shared her thoughts about his case on her Instagram Story.

Young Thug Gunna mugshots
Young Thug Gunna mugshots

“#FreeGunna,” she wrote along with the P emoji, which Gunna used to associate with his song Pushing P.

For Gunna, Kim Kardashian’s support raises awareness of his case. Although she is not yet an attorney, her sway on matters of reform is undeniable.

A decision on Gunna’s freedom is yet to be made, but his attorneys believe that he has good grounds for requesting bail. His attorneys contend that prosecutors have amended the RICO indictment that originally named Gunna and has removed his name in relation to any violent crime in the indictment as well as from witness statements shared in discovery up to September.

Gunna was previously unsuccessful in securing bond as Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville denied two previous motions.

Gunna and his YSL frontman, Young Thug, have been behind bars since May of this year when Federal authorities brought them into custody and later hit them and several members of YSL with RICO charges. The two rappers have maintained their innocence, but the Fulton County DA has managed to flip a few members of the “hybrid gang” into witnesses against them.

How will Kim Kardashian’s support affect the case? Only time will tell.