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Gunna Denied Bond, Gets 2023 Trial Date For Rico Case


Federal prosecutors says Gunna is a documented gang member in convincing a judge to deny him bond.

Gunna was denied bond when he appeared in court on Monday, with prosecutors claiming that he is a “documented” gang member and that he serves the gang in a “command” role.

The Young Slime Life rapper’s attorney, Steve Sadow, had offered the court conditions for his bond, including a $750K secured bond, house arrest with electronic monitoring, forfeiture of three properties, and that Gunna’s parents would also put up their homes to secure his release, WSBTV reported.

However, prosecutor Don Geary argued against bond being granted, noting that Gunna’s release posed a significant risk to witnesses in the case as he played an important role in the alleged criminal enterprise.

Geary alleged that Gunna was not only in a “commander” role, but he was also responsible for directing hits on rival gang members.

Sadow, however, denied the allegations and said that Gunna would be willing to consent to wiretap his phones if he is released on bond.

However, all of that did not convince the judge that Gunna should be granted bond. The judge also sided with the prosecution that should the rapper be released, he might endanger witnesses.

Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, is facing one charge of conspiring to violate the RICO Act in a massive 56-Count indictment involving fellow rapper Young Thug and 26 other persons, the District Attorney says are all members of the YSL gang.

In the meantime, the judge has set a trial date for Jan. 9, 2023, for Gunna’s charge.

As for Young Thug, he also appeared in court on Monday, but the judge delayed a ruling on bond for him.

This is his second bond hearing as his attorney moved for an emergency bond motion alleging that the rapper is being held in “inhumane” conditions.

Young Thug will now re-appear back in court on June 2. His hearing was delayed due to a “conflict of interest” issue raised by the prosecution.