Shenseea Opens To Drake Collab, Admits She Cheated On Her Boyfriend


Shenseea says she is fully open to collaborating with Drake.

Last year while everyone was gossiping about Shenseea and Drake, the Jamaican singer was busy hounding her craft; she didn’t let the noise distract her. Fast forward several months later, she delivered her first body of work, Alpha, to critical acclaim. While there was no Drake collaboration on the project, she was still in the headlines along with the Canadian rapper.

During his press run for her album, Shenseea eventually addressed the rumors, which was some months after she denied ever being pregnant for Drizzy. In July last year, she spoke about going through a period of depression triggered by her mother’s sudden passing. In the same IG Live, she made it clear that the pregnancy rumors were totally fabricated by an unnamed blogger who spread other rumors about her.

A year later, ShenYeng is still being asked about the rumors, but she is very much aware that it comes with the territory of being famous. Shenseea appeared on The Shade Room‘s ‘Keep It 100’ podcast yesterday (September 16), where she again denied dating Drake and whether she would collaborate with him if the chance arises.

“I would make a record with Drake. He’s pretty talented,” ShenYeng said, adding that she is passionate about music there is no bad blood between them. “So of course why not. I’m passionate about my music so when it comes on to stuff like that, as long as we don’t have any bad blood, let the public talk. I don’t have no problem with Drake.”

shenseea drake
Shenseea & Drake

Shenseea also revealed that she and Drake have chopped it up before, but nothing remotely close to what the rumors suggested. “We’ve had conversations before,” she added. “But to the point where they’re talking about us doing whatever? I swear on my life—no. That’s what got me mad ’cause like, don’t play with my vajayjay like that.”

Shenseea was also put on the spot about whether or not she has ever cheated on her partners. Surprisingly, she did admit that she cheated, even though she didn’t reveal the name of her boyfriend with whom she cheated on. The 25-year-old artist is rumored to be dating London On Da Track.

“I’ve cheated in a relationship before,” she said. “But it was a case where the person cheated on me. I’m very loyal, very faithful. I don’t even flirt. I don’t find another man attractive if I’m talking to you.”

“So it’s like he cheated on me and he told me the truth because I suspected something and he told me the truth and I said, ‘bro, I really was being so good to you for a whole year. Like, I never saw you as this type of person’,” she added. “Being the Libra that I am and I have to balance things out, I’m the type of girl it’s either I’m gonna cheat on you or I’m gonna leave you.”

Shenseea also dropped some tips for any man considering sliding in her DMs, saying that anything about work will likely get her attention, being that she is a hustler who is focused on her craft. As to whether or not she will get to collaborate with Drake or maybe even date him, only time will tell.

In the meantime, the Jamaican bombshell is currently working on her sophomore album, a project she said will be unlike any of her previous work.