Shenseea Kiss London On Da Track After Gifting Her Huge Diamond Chain

London Shenseea Jamaica
London On Da Track, Shenseea

Shenseea plant a kiss on London On Da Track after he gifted her a massive diamond chain at her album release party in Kingston.

Shenseea’s album launch party had government ministers, artistes, entertainers, and several celebrities who turned out to help her celebrate her debut album Alpha which was released last Friday. One of the highlights of the event was the 25-year-old being spotted with none other than producer London On Da Track, who shares a child with R&B artist Summer Walker.

London was seen escorting the singer into the venue where her event was held. He later caused tongues to wag as he gifted the “Blessed” singer with a diamond necklace, sparking the continued speculation that they were romantically involved despite Shenseea denying it.

Shenseea, at the start of the event, thanked her fans for supporting her.

“Unu like the album?” she asked the attendees, who indicated their agreement with loud cheers, “Hard work tek time and success tek patience,” she said.

She added that she has been working on her album for three and a half of the six years she has been in the business and she’s relieved that fans love the project.

“Not only the fact that I’ve been working so hard but the fact that when I put it out, people love it, that’s a relief to me. I just want to thank everyone for supporting me. Thank you for being here,” she said.

Before the budding hip-hop star could go further, the host Jade told Shenseea there was an invitation for her. “There’s a special guest here tonight that has a special gift just for you,” Jade says.

“Mi like things,” Shenseea says.

Within moments, London On Da Track emerges with a box holding the chain which he puts on Shenseea, and the two share a quick hug.

Shenseea was quick to clear things as she sought to distract the crowd by asking if they knew which song he produced on the album and asked for its name before she rang out in lyrics.

Shenseea Sean Paul
Sean Paul and Shenseea

“Thank you so much London, you are a phenomenal producer, you are talented, thank you so much I can’t wait to do more work with you,” she said.

Shenseea also thanks her sponsors, including Romeich Major, whom she brought to the front of the stage while holding his hand.

“Romeich, I just want to express my gratitude, let me tell you guys something, Romeich tek me out of the ghetto. When I say ghetto, mi a talk weh the people dem drop me off, no light no deh deh fi light up my lane and him mek him people stay and ensure I get home safe. And them time deh, mi was a likkle tough foot bottom gal, mi have one slipper, and Romeich believed in me, saw something in me and him tell everybody say mi talented and will make it big,” she said of her local manager.

“I don’t know what I will do without you, thank you so much for investing in my career,” she said.

Romeich did not say anything to the artist. His demeanor was not as happy and bouncy as usual either.

There have been rumors in the past that Shenseea and Romeich were romantically involved, but they have never addressed it publicly. Romeich, who recently welcomed a baby girl with another woman, also plays a fatherly role in the life of Shenseea’s song Rajeiro Lee.

In the meantime, Shenseea and Sean Paul performed “Lying If I Call It Love” for her fans while there were performances from her labelmate Ding Dong.

Highlights from the event have been trending on social media as fans react to London On Da Track icing out Shenseea’s neck.

“London On the Track took summer walkers album money and put it on Shenseea neck,” one person said on Twitter.

“London On the Track posted that photo in Jamaica. But he smashed Shenseea for sure,” another.

Many fans also dragged the producer who has four children with four different women who can’t all get along. Some of them have called him out for being a “deadbeat father,” including Summer Walker, who accused him of being negligent towards their almost one-year-old daughter.

“Shenseea say she not with london but it’s so hard to believe when him pee pee cluck cluck behind her everywhere,” one said while another ominously added, “Opp another 5th baby mama.”

“I hope she just use him cause lawwwd knows he will use her,” another person wrote.

One Twitter user also accused the producer of preying on young artists.

“London just so embarrassing I can’t even watch him in peace do nothing w/ no female knowing he a for the camera a** ni**a just cringes my soullll he preys on them new artists too it’s just,” the fan tweeted.

Shenseea is also making headlines for planting a kiss on London On Da Track’s cheek as thanks for the huge diamond chain he gifted her.